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Well hello! 🙂

{When I started writing this post, I had no idea it would morph into a longer read, so if you would like to read more about what is behind my new painting series, grab a drink and thank you for sticking around reading for the next few minutes…..}

A few days ago, I decided to dive into committing to

100 days of painting.

A big commitment of course! but after completing the 100 days of mandalas last year, I feel more ready to jump on this particular train {as so to speak!}.

I have been thinking about being ‘more present’ in my studio for a while now, but for some reason, it just did not feel like the ‘right time’ to start and other commitments /travel meant showing up in my creative space was more of a challenge.

A six week trip overseas visiting beautiful places, meeting kindred souls, creating and adventuring were amazing, but had taken a toll on my wellbeing.

I returned to Spain, feeling drained, tired with a body aching from spending so much time in a sea of WIFI AND being someone who is realizing just how EMF (Electromagnetic Field) sensitive I am becoming, {I talk a little about this, here} it has made me really think about how important it is to be in certain environments and how different places affect me. So after returning from my trip, my energy was low and I realized that I needed to re-think how and where I spend my time.

Studio view

My view in the studio, overlooking the bay. At home in my happy place 🙂

Then as if I had willed it, a few commitments that meant a summer of more travel (and WIFI environments) were cancelled. And this opened up a whole new outlook and world for me. All the tension left my body, I took a deep breath and thanked the universe for the new opportunity that was being presented to me.

The following week, I smudged (with white sage) and tidied up my studio, dug out some unfinished paintings on canvas and bought some new supplies to just ‘try the painting on’ again to see how it felt. And as easy as that… following an afternoon of throwing paint on a canvas or three……

..I was ‘home’ again.

{When I say “easy”… of course, it did not happen overnight, I had been dreaming of being in my studio, painting, gliding the paint over canvas for many weeks and I am a true believer in, when it is time, IT IS TIME}

Louise Gale Ghost Ranch - taken by A Global WalkSitting by the creek at Ghost Ranch – photo taken by Ashley Fincham

One of the beautiful memories of my time away was in New Mexico this May, where mountains and wide open spaces spoke of the wild history of the land. I was attending a retreat at Ghost Ranch with Call of the Wild Soul where there were many natural areas to explore and connect with.

On the penultimate evening of the retreat, I was oh so fortunate to have a sunset photo session with the very talented Ashley Fincham of A Global Walk. {I have some more really raw, natural (no make up, desert hair) barefoot photos that I just love and will share with you soon.}

Louise Gale Ghost Ranch taken by A Global WalkPreparing to walk the Labyrinth at Ghost Ranch – photo taken by Ashley Fincham

This particular photo above took me back to a moment from my time away. In the labyrinth, beside the mountains, in nature, breathing it all in, feeling a part of the vast universe and all its creations. Feeling the energy of this sacred land. {I wrote a poem here}.

So many memories of ‘moments in nature’….

…started to flood back from my memory. The time I was standing at the bottom of Uluru under tall trees breathing in the moist air, the time I was standing on the top of a huge hill overlooking the ocean, knowing that one day I would live in Spain,  the beauty of the beach that is literally right on my doorstep that I can visit everyday. And of course…. many many more.

Walking barefoot is how I heal myself and being in nature is the place where I feel at home, calm and alive and it is truly medicine for me.

It is medicine for all of us.

Here is a short video meditation where I share just one of the glorious sunrises I have experienced here in Spain and a poem I wrote about grounding and how nature heals. I hope you enjoy it and it inspires you to find your own connection with nature today.

When you are in nature and particularly barefoot, the earth’s electrons are conducted to your body, bringing you to the same electric potential as the earth itself, meaning it’s tranquil energy naturally transfers to you. Walking barefoot will get rid of the build up of any electrical stress. It helps keep our immune system in tact by providing our body with much needed electrons.

This is when it dawned on me that…..

this is what I want to paint during my 100 days.

Places and moments in nature that bring us back home, back to a place of balance. Places that inspire dreams,  good energy, calm thoughts and an overwhelming feeling of freedom and connectivity to the earth. I want to feel the emotion of the natural world, a sense of imagination and/or memory of being in that place.

This is my wish for myself and my wish for anyone who might see my work from now on.

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As I embark on this personal painting adventure, I would love for you to visit me over on Instagram {there are a few paintings already in my feed) as this is where I will be posting everyday as I paint, discover and capture these sacred moments in nature. I’ll also be writing about each of the paintings, the processes and stories here on the blog as I travel along.

Blossom tree in progress copyright Louise Gale

For anyone who is part of the 52 weeks of nature/a year of nature sketchbook project, I am still continuing with this and am excited that many of my sketches and thoughts will find their way into my paintings over time. The 52 weeks prompts will be posted here and on our Facebook group here.

As always, thank you for connecting with me, reading my posts and being a part of something that I hope inspires.

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