I recently spent an amazing couple of weeks at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico and part of the “Call of the Wild Soul retreat” Above is one one of my paintings inspired by the majestic and magical landscape and below a poem inspired by my time there.

Majestic red mountains and wide blue sky

Streams flowing beneath and birds flying high

This land is sacred. It stirs the mind

Reflections in the water, a solitude to unwind

To bind us to this earth and our truth to be known
The heart does wonder, our purpose to be shown


A sky full of stars that twinkle and glow

We tap into our soul and find our flow

Sacred Circle: Erin Faith Allen, Melody Ross, Flora Bowley, Orly Avineri and myself.
Photo credit: Kelly Webb
In a community of creatives who are true and kind

The circle of women, on these retreats you will find

As I walk on the earth, feel its energy on my toes

I feel it speaking to me and wanting me to know


Here lies our purpose, our connection and truth

To create from deep within, no need of proof

That is why we are here, to live and be free

To be close to nature and all its beauty to see.