“I am living the dream” journal page in my Journal

I’ve been talking about visioning and dreaming in the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” class this week and writing some lessons with stories on synchronicity. {yummy love this!} Then something suddenly occurred to me about this journal page I created above. I dreamt this a couple of years ago! I had a dream of me sitting facing the ocean, turquoise sky, toes in the sand, sky full of stars. Well in this case a sky full of beautiful blooms!

Below is the painting I created back in July 2011, long before I even through it possible that I would EVER live by the ocean or visit the coast in Spain! It was such a vivid dream that I created this painting below from it and it stayed with me for at least a year. Here is the blog post I wrote about it.

I love how in the painting below I am reaching for the stars to follow wherever it is they are leading and in the top image, where I have actually arrived at my dream life destination I appear to be calm, relaxed and contented. This is what these two pieces say to me. They are both the same place.


At the time I thought it was about going to Cornwall in the UK as I had had a serendipitous online meeting with another Louise Gale, but never actually realized I was visioning my future in Spain! My Dream life. I went on to use this artwork in my “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” products as it really spoke to me about the power of visioning and that we do create our future life. Maybe a year from now, maybe 5, we all have the power to take those small steps. I know I have arrived and oh what a feeling.

What are some of the vivid dreams you have had that you can see being your future life?