Those of you who have met me or visit here often know I strongly believe in messages from the universe and that we are all connected, we just don’t know how most of the time.

I often say “there’s no such thing as just a coincidence,” “there’s a reason this has happened”, or certain people may come into your life for a reason. It’s all part of the grand plan of life, we just cant always connect it at the time.

Well I HAVE to tell you this
little recent encounter in my virtual world.

Whilst in the UK, (on July 4th to be exact), I was chatting to my brother about art, blogs and other fun internet snippets (hes a talented artist beginning his own artful journey). I told him that I often google myself just to see what comes up! (Do you guys do this? If not, try it, it can be an eye opener!) Well I did just this, usually I get my facebook, blog, flickr, my artshop and a few other fun things pop up and also someone else who shares my name who works at greenpeace.

WELL. This time around when I googled “Louise Gale Artist” I found another “Louise Gale Artist” who lives in Cornwall, South West England. I did a double take at the computer, then thought “A relation?”….so I click and discover a glorious site of prints being sold for just One Pound. (a cool dream she has to sell 1 million of them to be exact!).

Now, printmaking is something I’ve been longing to get back into (I bought all my lino cut supplies a few months ago) so when I saw the pretty images on here, my eyes lit up and my heart began to beat faster! I then discover Louise is married to Peter so she isnt a relation, but maybe he is! So my brother and I wow at it, laugh a little about me having a name twin and continue to talk about his art, thinking no more will come of this discovery. (below is one of the cute prints on Louise in Cornwall’s website)

So, fast forward, I’m back in the USA, launching the “Creative Color Challenge” on my facebook page this past Tuesday, when I see “Louise Gale likes” my page. Sooooo, realizing this is the same person I found, I decide to send a friend request through fb with a note. We get chatting and laugh virtually through facebook, how funny it is having the same name AND both being artists. She had found me a few months ago, when, yes you guessed it! she googled “Louise Gale Artist” to see if her website came up! 🙂

Freaked out yet? Well, there’s more……

We then started talking about artschool and uni. I explain that eventhough I live in the USA, I’m actually British born, grew up just outside London and went to Croydon College to study art, before specializing in ceramics in the “Potteries”.

Louise writes back to me immediately and says “Louise, you are not going to believe this…..I studied graphic design at Croydon College in 1989”. “OMG” i reply, “I studied general art & design there in 1989”. We were literally a floor apart for two years studying different forms of art, but never met (that we recall)


Maybe we stood in the elevator together as we planned our day of art in our heads or passed in the corridor.

I just know there must be more, so I’ll keep you posted, but what do you think?

Coincidence? No, I think not.

Maybe something is telling me to get going on an idea I had back in March? hmmmmm. Its so funny because for the past 6 months or so, I’ve been meeting alot of other Louise’s….was this just prodding and preparing me! (yes I know some may think that’s crazy talk!) It’s certainly woken me up a little. Whatever the reason, the universe has decided…..NOW is the time for us to meet.

It is funny and a little freaky to chat to yourself. (LOL).

I’ve often said to friends that I’d love to look down over a span map of my life and see times and dates when paths crossed over the years with people that you know now. I have made a few other discoveries of friends ive met here in the US, that were in the same place, same time years ago in another country, but we didn’t physically meet, just passed as strangers in the crowd, not realizing that one day we would call each other friend.

Have you had encounters or discoveries like this?

P.S. Serendipity is one of my favourite words of all time. 🙂