Welcome to Friday Feature! A new weekly feature showcasing artists, designers and lots more. For the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing some lovely creative souls who have been taking part in the Color Challenge to tell their story of their journey of color and creation.

Tamara Unterweger

This week I’d love to introduce you to Tamara. Tamara is from Australia and her work is beautifully subtle and full of soul.

1) What has your journey with color been like so far?

I find myself very often in a “colour crisis” and this can sometime be a real block for me creatively and I can spend a long time stuck with a decision about colour. It is something that I am conscious of trying to let go. This is one of the reasons that I have enjoyed the Creative Colour Challenge each month as the colour decision is made and I can just be free to create.

Tamara’s work from the February color challenge. Read Tamara’s blog post here

2) Tell us a little about the mediums/materials that you like to use? If the challenge is more difficult for you depending on the materials you use, please tell us about that.

I am a bit of a texture paste junkie. I also love using metallic paints. For collage I really like using tissue paper and interesting scrapbook papers as well.

Tamara’s work for the March color challenge. Read Tamara’s blog post here

3) What has been your favorite color to create in?

My favourite piece so far was the Golden Autumn piece for April’s Mustard Yellow. I loved this colour as it was a real challenge for me and not a colour that I would normally use at all. In the end, I really enjoyed being in the land of Autumn for April.

Tamara’s work for the April color challenge. Read her blog post here

4) What is it about this color that makes it so fabulous for you?

The colour yellow is warm, embracing and somehow comforting.

Tamara’s work for the June color challenge. Read her blog post here

5) How has the color challenge helped you stretch and explore color more?

It has challenged me to use colours that I would not usually use. It also offer me the freedom to create without any “colour crisis” LOL

Tamara’s work for the June color challenge. Read her blog post here

6) In what ways has it enhanced other parts of your life?

I love to be inspired by other artists. What I love about the CCC is at the end of the month to see so many different interpretations of the theme colour. We are all so unique and this shine through beautifully at the end of the month via CCC!

Thank you so much Tamara for sharing your lovely work with us

Connect with Tamara here: website/blog


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