“Tree Vibrations”

So how did you go with this months challenge?

I was on the road quite a bit this month so luckily I had my trusty sketch book and coloring pencils with me!

EXTRA TWIST: Add some extra texture into your creation by using something to print with or simply re-creating a favorite texture (such as a wood grain, leaf print or anything else that comes to mind)

I decided to re-create one of my favourite textures which is a wood grain to influence my piece this month.

There are so many beautiful trees here in Australia and I have been in awe of their tallness, texture and diversity as I have been spending time taking in their detail! I always feel so at peace when I am near trees and when you hug them, you really can feel the vibration of life and how connected we are.

Below are a few variations as I worked through….

How did you feel creating with these colors and using your own texture?

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Thanks to all who took part this month and the new challenge will be posted on Thursday March 1st!