“Stroll amongst the roses”

I so love combining these color challenges with creating surface design co-ordinates. Such a great way to stretch myself and build some work for my portfolio.

This month I took an element from the “I am beautiful” painting (artwork from 2009) which had little mini roses in the tree.

“I am Beautiful” Acrylic & collage.

I then played in photoshop to see what I could come up with. Below are two of my co-ordinate sets based on this months challenge and color palette below:

Co ordinate 1

Co-ordinates #1: Rose garden {part of the Summer Dayz collection}

Co ordinate 2Co-ordinates #2: Rose garden {part of the Summer Dayz collection}

How did you feel creating with a color and a theme this month?

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Thanks to all who took part this month and the new challenge will be posted on Sunday July 1st!

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