Welcome to Friday Feature! A new weekly feature showcasing artists, designers and lots more. For the next few weeks, I’ll be interviewing some lovely creative souls who have been taking part in the Color Challenge to tell their story of their journey of color and creation.

Rachel Ellen Andrews

For our first week, I’d love to introduce you to Rachel from the UK.  I love how Rachel uses her journaling techniques as part of the color challenge (and she also took my color cleanse class) to heal and explore color in her life.  There is so much vibrancy and soul in her work. Thank you Rachel!

1) What has your journey with color been like so far?
Colour is everything to me – in my home and garden, what I wear, in my paintings and journals. I love the CCC because it pushes me to use colours or colour combinations that I normally wouldn’t. It stretches me and this is good!!

2) Tell us a little about the mediums/materials that you like to use? If the challenge is more difficult for you depending on the materials you use, please tell us about that.
For journalling I use a craft acrylic paint which dries flat like poster paper; I love it! I use this to create the base and background for a journal page. I also use papers, stencils, oil pastels, more paint, pencil, markers (the list goes on…). For painting I use Liquitex acrylics – I love their clear hues.

Rachel’s work from the February color challenge

3) What has been your favorite color to create in?
This is tricky – I have loved them all! Some of them seem to have disappeared from Flickr! I think my favourite was January’s challenge in Orange – I loved it – so uplifting…

Janorange8 Janorange7

Rachel’s work from the January color challenge

4) What is it about this color that makes it so fabulous for you?
Yes, uplifting, joyous, happy – it makes you feel good working with it. I found it very rich and nourishing. Some of the journal pages were quite significant in what they revealed. I also found orange to be a real ‘get up and get going’ colour – amazingly stimulating and great for making moves forward. I have since done a painting which has orange as its main background colour and have used orange A LOT in my paintings.

P1010330 heartstory

Rachel’s work from the May color challenge

5) How has the color challenge helped you stretch and explore color more?
I have always used colour – I’m not a ‘neutral’ or ‘black & white’ person – but the colour challenge has helped stimulate my use of different colours.

Rachel’s work from the March color challenge

6) In what ways has it enhanced other parts of your life?
The CCC has re-affirmed my relationship with colour and creating with colour – thanks Louise!!

Thank you so much Rachel for sharing your wonderful work with us.

Connect with Rachael here:  Website/blog | Twitter | Facebook | Flickr


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