In my previous blog post, I mentioned how I wanted to ease into the year, slow down and spend time focusing on gratitude. We are on day 3 of the 30 Days of Gratitude email program and already I feel a calmness in my day as I am spending the first hour working through the gratitude prompt of the day.

I am a typical creative person, where I tend to take on many projects at once and want to experience everything! So this year, I really want to set an intention for myself to approach my day, week, month and year with clarity, intention, living more in the present moment and enjoying everything that life is offering.

I have a few goals whispering away at me and plan to focus on those when we get to the goal setting module in my Big Dreams, Small Wonders online class that just started this week. Still time to join us HERE


What are your Intentions for the year ahead?


Your New Year’s intention may be as straightforward as spending an hour doing something you love every day, to get more creative, or maybe to change some aspects of your lifestyle. You might want to think of your New Year’s intention as a type of New Year’s resolution, but from a place of self-care and gratitude, rather than a thing you feel you must do.

Above are some intention cards I created a couple of years ago and in my Big Dreams, Small Wonders class this week, we are setting intentions, reviewing the previous year and building a foundation for opening up our dreams.

When I started working through my ‘Big Dreams, Small Wonders‘ process over 7 years ago, one of my favorite books was ‘The Joy of Ritual” by Barbara Biziou. In 2010, I was also fortunate to attend a workshop with Barbara in New York, so the following has stayed with me ever since…..

Barbara says that the first twelve days of January are the most important for the year ahead, each day representing the months of the year. So the 1st is January, 2nd is February and so on… “By practicing loving kindness, openness and generosity, while giving thoughtful attention to the significance of each day, you will consecrate the coming year.” 

How are you spending these first twelve days?


One of my journal pages from my Big Dreams, Small Wonders class. 

I think that sometimes, we rush into the first few weeks of January, enthusiastic for the new year and I have found that taking this time to go slow, reflect, notice and acknowledge is one of the greatest things to do to set ourselves up for an amazing year ahead. Other practices I also like to take part in during this time are:

  • Closing off the previous year, which means being thankful for what has passed and celebrate accomplishments.
  • Creating a Clearing which means clearing physical and mental clutter, creating space for new opportunities.
  • Choosing a ‘Word for the Year’ which sets an overall intention for how I want to feel for the year ahead.
  • Doodling my dreams in my journal.
  • Creating a Visionboard or Visioncards to help manifest my dreams and goals for the next year.

I will be sharing my outcomes with you as they emerge {we also work on these in the Big Dreams, Small Wonders class}, so I hope this all inspires you to approach your year in a way that feels great to you. 

Below is my 2016 visionboard which has been hanging up in my studio all year. It takes me a while to disconnect with the previous years board, ready to create a new one, so I’ll be ready to dive into my 2017 visionboard the weekend of 28th January with the new moon and also start of the Chinese New Year!

If you are raring to get started on your own visionboard, check out my blog post from last year on How to Create a Visionboard. 

2016 visionboard Louise Gale

Wishing you all an AMAZING start to 2017.


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