Hello dear friend. I hope you had a wonderful festive holiday and ready to embrace 2017.

I arrived back in Spain after spending a lovely time in the UK with family and friends and have been soaking back into my morning ritual of going down to the beach at sunrise. It has been so rejuvenating to consciously take some time away from social media over the holidays and I have been thinking about how I can cultivate a practice to maintain this tranquil feeling into 2017.

Nature reminds us of the beauty around us everyday and I am so grateful for the view from my studio that greets me each day. 

Just one of the diverse sunrise color scenes from my studio

I love this quiet time before the new year is officially here. Quiet moments to reflect, celebrate and really think about what I would like to invite in for the year ahead.

I have felt an overwhelming desire to give myself permission for more quiet, tranquil time in nature and not rush into a new year with long ‘to do lists’ and things I feel I ‘have to do’. So slowing down is definitely going to be a focus for me in 2017. 

Do you feel like you need to reconnect to something deep inside and find that calming place?

If you too are feeling a need to slow down and find some quiet time to begin the new year, I am hosting a free ’30 Days of Gratitude’ email program HERE for January and would love to invite you to start the year feeling blessed.

The 30 Days of Gratitude is one of my projects for Your Heart Makes a Difference. 

If you have been following my creative journey for a while, you already know how I strongly believe in the power of the universe, the law of attraction and how we attract more of what we put out into the world. This is why I thought spending January being thankful for what we already have would be an amazing start to the year.

There is no pressure to join in or post anything in response if you do not wish to, I will simply email you a gratitude prompt with some thoughts for you to dive deeper into each subject throughout January.

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The 2017 session of Big Dreams, Small Wonders begins on Monday and 2017 is going to be an amazing year! Come and join me to make yours one to celebrate!

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Thanks so much and wishing you a wonderful start to 2017!