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It’s never too late to start dreaming and turning those dreams into reality. The Big Dreams, Small Wonders Online Class will give you the tools, techniques, inspiration and courage to build your roadmap for your dreams to come true. 

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  • Want to focus on making more positive changes in your life?
  • Find it a challenge to let go of things that happened in the past year?
  • Would you like to keep your new year resolutions?
  • Start lots of new projects but completing them is another challenge?
  • Know that something needs changing, but not sure what?
  • Have no idea where to start?
  • Lose track of what your goals are?
  • Want to invite more creative ways to plan out your roadmap for success?
  • Would love to have a visual journal to work through important life questions and keep track of progress?

Join me! Plant Your Dream Seeds, Nurture them and see them Bloom




Imagine waking up everyday, excited to be living your dream life with purpose and passion. It is never too late to start and this course will guide you through identifying your dreams and making them a bigger part of your life. We are all dreamers, but rarely do we have the courage to take that first step to turn dreams into reality. “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” is your first step – join us on this journey of self discovery, creativity and living your best life – you will never look back.

You deserve to have the life you are born to live. The tools and techniques in this class will help you connect with your true self so you can find the courage to take small steps forward. You will use your visual journal to dream, plan, keep track of your progress and record all of your accomplishments.

Now is the time to take that first step. Don’t let more time go by. This is your life! You deserve to live it the best way you can. Everyone participating in the Big Dreams, Small Wonders class can leave comments and questions for Louise who is on hand to offer advice, support and celebration when our Small Wonders start to happen.


I share personal experiences, examples from my own journey to help you build your own confidence to follow your path. I share many serendipitous stories about how the universe helped me find my perfect apartment in NYC and how following my heart (and creating visionboards) led me to my life by the ocean in Spain where I moved in 2013. There are also:


  • Posts of information, inspiration, stories, activities and creative exercises.
  • Thought provoking journal prompts
  • Videos and/or images from the journaling exercises and to inspire your creativity.
  • Audios and meditations for you to download and keep
  • Multiple printable downloads including worksheets and planners for all the life-changing questions and things we cover.
  • Exercises to flex your creative right brain
  • Tools & techniques to help you scope, plan and brainstorm {for your left brain!}
  • Expert advice on creating more balance and positive energy you can use in your everyday life
  • Artwork and journal background printables to use in your journal



Connect with your Inner self


  • Create your soul profile which clarifies who you are, your values, beliefs and strengths.
  • Clarity on how you’d like your life to feel and ways to get there
  • Ability to let go of the past and create a clearing for your successful future
  • Gain confidence to follow your intended path
  • A safe environment where Louise is also on-hand to answer questions.


  • Creative journal prompts to dive into all the content and work through the life changing questions and exercises.
  • Inspirational artwork and vision boards to keep you focused throughout the year
  • Create gorgeous journal pages to record your journey on.
  • Combine analytical left brain techniques with creative right brain techniques
  • Mini creative projects (outside of your journal)
  • A clear roadmap on what to do next to move your personal, business and creative life to the next level

We will create a beautiful ‘Year Ahead’ planner (you can use an existing journal or create from separate pages) from all the worksheets, artwork and journal prompts. {videos are included in the online class}.

  • This class is completely self-paced so you can join anytime and work through all of the content at your own pace.
  • The course is designed to take you 6 weeks with daily posts, or up to 6 months at a slower pace. Suggested scheduling is included to help you stay on track. You will have unlimited access to the class content, so plenty of time to work through and revisit the content.
  • All the worksheets and creations from the course plus additional papers will make up your gorgeous “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” Journal. This will seal the deal for your new life and be a wonderful way to record all your successes
  • There are 6 modules, one module per week (or month if you wish to go slower), containing tools, techniques, inspiration, exercises, a post from one of our experts, or a creative prompt. Some posts will come with an action plan or activity for you to complete, others will leave you energized and full of inspirational spark.
  • There are videos to help you get creative with the course content
  • Each week comes with audios & meditations you can download and keep forever.
  • Each module focuses on a different theme to work through
  • Louise will be available to answer questions and continue to guide you through.



  • Introduction to the course,
  • Making or selecting your journal and
  • Creating background images/pages for making your pages look beautiful!{includes video content}

Each module also comes with worksheets, activities, downloads, stories, expert advice and lots of inspiration and fun. Each module/week includes an energy balance technique, a guest post from a coaching expert and/or an audio meditation or instruction clip. All of these materials will form the basis for us to create our gorgeous hand-crafted journals to record our journeys in.

Module one – Review, Celebrate & Complete What Has Passed

  • Setting Intentions,
  • Reviewing and celebrating the past 12 months,
  • High level life review,
  • Creating a clearing,
  • The importance of rituals and recognizing milestones
  • Completion ritual
  • Celebrating.
Module two – Creating your soul profile

  • Who you are,
  • Values, beliefs, fear and truths.
  • Identifying your gifts,
  • What your passions are and
  • How you can make them a greater part of your life.
Module three – Visioning your Dream Life

  • Centering,
  • Your energy sources,
  • Your dream life,
  • Affirmations,
  • Your ideal world and
  • Your vision for a year from now.
Module four – The Universe and Connectivity

  • Creating your vision board to attract your dreams,
  • The power of putting it out there,
  • The conspiring universe and listening to the messages.
  • Inviting positive energy and abundance in.
  • Tuning into your frequency of success.
Module five – Identifying Your Goals & Small Wonders:

  • Setting Goals, prioritizing,
  • Using the right brain & its creativeness to draw your roadmap for success,
  • Identifying your small wonders and
  • Balancing your “Wheel of Life”
Module six – Building Your Roadmap to Your Dreams

  • Action Planning,
  • Building your map.
  • Tips and tricks to stay on track or get back on track.
  • Cultivating your daily rituals and noting gratitude.
  • Continuous celebration.

louiseportraitBWcropped250Louise Gale – Life Coach, Artist and Designer. Louise is the creator and host of Big Dreams, Small Wonders. She has personally used all of the tools and techniques included in this program to follow her passion and live the life she was meant to live. She believes very strongly in the power of the universe, daily practices from the heart and taking small steps to follow our dreams.

On the course, Louise shares inspirational posts, her serendipitous stories and creative activities to help you plan your future. She will also be sharing videos, audios and meditations.

Louise’s Creative Journey

I get many emails from so many beautiful souls asking me about my journey and how I do what I do, so thank you and I hope this interview inspires you and gives you a little insight into my world. Would love to hear your thoughts or any questions you have about your own creative journey, so please do add your comments at the bottom of this page. This audio is 50 wonderful minutes where we talk about all things creative, my journey from the corporate world to art, messages from the universe, moving countries and ignoring that art teacher who told me I would never get into art school!

Here is the full interview to listen to below or download the mp3 here (50 minutes).

Louise is also thrilled to include some content and expertise from two lifelong friends below.

laraLara Young – Retreat Hostess, Law of Attraction Aficionado and Certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy

Lara Young is the founder of Somersault Consulting and the creator and facilitator of Design Your Fabulous Future Retreats. She is passionate about potential and loves helping people to design the blueprint for the life they’ve always dreamed of and then generate the ‘zing’ to go and live it! For over seventeen years Lara has been working with individuals and organisations to make their vision(s) a reality. She uses a blend of coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Law of Attraction, Reiki and Time Line Therapy techniques to enable her clients to identify the unique components of the life of their dreams, release limiting beliefs, develop amazing, motivating inner resources and experience powerful and permanent positive results.

Lara will be guest posting once a week, providing advice and coaching techniques to help you to get into the groove, remove limiting beliefs, hear your inner voice, leap over barriers to success, release your potential and provide an injection of fabulousness into your creative journey

diane-1024x680Diane Gellatly – Registered Nurse, Energy Kinesiologist and NYC Marathon Runner

Diane has a personal passion for health, nutrition and physical movement. She is also a Professional Member of the Energy Kinesiology Association. Diane’s training includes specific techniques to enhance both the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Kinesiology is very new to the USA, and Diane’s mission is to spread the word of this amazing practice to help individuals unblock energy sources and be successful in all they do.

On the course, Diane will be showing us some everyday emotional balancing techniques and ways to enhance our energy levels and physical well-being so we are ready for our day ahead and to tackle anything that is thrown in our path.






I am more believing in myself. I can do this. I can really do this!…. a fun course with great positive and inspiring content. I loved it all!
Bonita Rose. Fargo, USA.

I LOVED your course; I had ideas for my Wild at Art business percolating in my mind but having your structure made me articulate this. I have now got much more clarity regarding a way forwards and can see that I can start to implement small steps and plans while finishing up my last 2 year contract at my school.
Katie Flowers - Hong Kong

What stands out for me is the “Tree with Roots” for Energy & Affirmations. Also the “Wheel” and “mapping” techniques. They are great creative visuals. It’s initiated a fun, creative perspective of bringing focus and clarity to where I’m at and where to put my energy/attention to vivify what I want to experience more of. Louise, you really have this course planned out well. A lot can happen in 30 days and you give participants plenty with the daily inspirations and action plans.
Tayanna. Baraboo, WI, USA

The course has helped me check and take note of my desires and also helped me to be more productive in planning and managing my workload. The content allows you to grow and discover. it is a magical process and so worth spending time to reflect on your desires and dreams and to begin to create the life you wish and to follow your truth.
Ginny - UK

I am enjoying the visualizing of my dreams in a creative way … I have always had so many ideas in my head …that often times they would drive me crazy … but being able to put them down and be creative at the same time was a perfect fit … In a minute I would recommend your e-course …It was fun !!! I loved the inspiration and the positive energy … every post you could feel it …I am so pleased that I found your site and that I took a chance with you for my very first creative e-course …I have to say it was an amazing experience for me … one that I will cherish always … Thank you
Patti Fortune. Canada

I was able to identify previously unknown goals / big dreams. it got me working in my sketchbook / journal again! it made me really focus on what i want from my art. I would recommend Big Dreams, Small Wonders to anyone who needs a little push to move forward and boost of self-confidence in pursuing their dreams. It’s given me some great new tools & techniques to battle the negative voice in my head that can be quite discouraging at times!
Femi Ford - USA

I loved drawing up a picture of my ideal world. It really got me thinking about little things I could do that would get me closer to what I want to be. I have come to know myself even better and stretched myself outside of my old boundaries.
Lesley Barr. Steamboat Springs, CO, USA

It was of great benefit to me to put last year behind me and clarify what my goals are for the year ahead. the things I really took away were around the importance of planning, and being able to see the bigger picture. The importance of dreaming big dreams, as well as little everyday ones.
Louise Docherty. Melbourne, Australia

I really feel I got something out of every part you wrote, but specifically I love the idea of the letter, SMARTER was a revelation, I enjoyed all the “act now” parts too….encouraged me to “act! In that moment rather than being left to my own devices, as sometimes I do need to be told do it now! Its also given me techniques to follow that are very helpful in working out what it is I want to achieve and how to make these dreams into manageable little steps that will take me forward to my dreams becoming real! Yes! It’s full of wonderful techniques that will take you closer to realising your dreams and making them real!
Jenny Blair, Scotland

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You want to create room for the life you know you should be living
  • You need to work out what direction to go in and don’t know where to start
  • You know where you want to get to, but unsure how to begin the journey
  • You err on the side of being analytical and need more creative tools in your life
  • You are creative and would like some more structured tools to plan more efficiently
  • You love to vision your dreams and want to connect with other creative souls for inspiration & support.
  • You want to plan a great future and have some fun
  • You enjoy being creative
  • You are open to new possibilities
  • You want to learn some everyday practices, balancing and energy techniques to live in the moment.

I strongly believe in helping others achieve their goals.

I can’t wait for you to be part of this. Welcome to the first step of the rest of your life.