WORD(s) of the Year! 

I have to admit, it doesn’t usually take me this long to decide on my Word(s) for the Year ahead, but for some reason I couldn’t quite settle with just one (and of course I came up with 2!).
As 2011 approached, I knew I wanted to focus the year ahead on Learning, expanding my own knowledge both personally and professionally, my expertise and being clear as to what my focus was going to be. I felt my word(s) for 2010 were perfect (leap fearlessly) and they really helped me do exactly that!
I am very happy with “Stretch” and “Cultivate” I feel that stretch really speaks to stretching & expanding out of my comfort zone a little which I’d like to do more of in 2011 (as well as stretch my body more!) and cultivate: to grow and nourish the part of me I’d like to bloom brighter and stronger. 
So there we have it! I know I’m a little late to the “Word of the Year Party”, however, I’d love to hear what your word(s) are and why. 
* Creative Color Challenge is back in February. Pop back on Friday to get the scoop.