Image=detailed enlargement of my “Inspiration Tree” artwork. Original sold, but prints, notecards and greeting cards are available in my Etsy store.

Week four of Mondo Beyondo and I’m starting to feel sad that it will end. The daily doses and community exchange has been an insightful comforting crutch, not that I feel I totally need the crutch, but this experience for getting 2010 off to a good start has really been a message from the universe (or a kick up my butt). I’m ready to share, open up, be brave and vulnerable all at the same time as I know we are all dreamers wishing for a particular life… but we should also remember that we deserve to live the best life we can, I think many recent world occurrences and blog stories I have had the pleasure to read have re-affirmed this to me…. My goodness, dare I say I am almost ready to walk the walk of my 2010 word not just talk it! Oh and last night after spending a whole delicious day of creating art, I finished my vision board

So here they are in all their glory…..Hello Fabulous February and hello dreams…

•Live a full, unconditional loving, fearless, entrepreneurial life with my soulmate
•Have a country house with a veggie patch, open fireplace, creative spaces and a kitchen that is the heart of the home.
•Own a gallery with studio space, gallery/store, space for workshops, creative/musical room for meditation & inspiration, garden for life & inspiration to bloom.
•For my art and creative writing to be a large source of my income
•My Big Apple Brits business I co-own to be highly profitable and successful, continuing to bring great people together, making connections that change lives.
•Be part of a thriving, celebrated art community, exhibiting, collaborating and giving something back.
•Leave the corporate world!
•Learn Spanish
•Travel to Portland
•Explore South America
•To find the courage to speak infront of a huge audience
•Learn the guitar and compose music
•Find the courage to play guitar and sing in front of an audience.
•Live in Spain
•Get published: write a book, publish articles and inspirational words.
•Teach, consult, coach and inspire
•Host a retreat with friends and strangers (soon to be new friends!)
•See my art being licensed in stores on some fabulous merchandise
•Have a kickboxing and yoga inspired body. Meditate.
•Give more back into the community through Big Apple Brits, my art and other endeavors
•And most of all, for my dad to be well enough to have both of my parents visit me together. (my dad is not able to travel easily so has never seen my USA home in the 5 years I’ve been here).

So dear Universe…. there they are. I’m now open to receiving new possibilities. 🙂