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I’ve been thinking about barter, service exchanges and wondering what a community that didn’t need cash to survive would look like in our modern world. This has been whirling around in my head particularly since I moved to Spain last month where a few of us have already been exchanging goods and services without the need for cash. {more on that soon}

barter through history

Exchanges aside……….We all have something to give to the world, and when you think of a community or even a world withut money or cash, it’s very freeing to begin to think about how life used to be!

So today I am joining in Chris’sĀ Guillebeau’s plea to gather things we can give away free or help others with TODAY ONLY. So this is just one side of an exchange – the giving side.

He’s posting a random selection on his blog here today so have some fun, going through his list and finding something you need right now.

Today I am offering TWO THINGS

1) My Gratitude meditation so you can download it and keep forever. You can play this for free on the right anyway, but today I wanted you to be able to download it and keep on your own ipod

2) I would also like to offer someone a 60 minute free call where you can ask anything you like (A bit of a creative /coaching Q&A, “how do you do….., what is the best blogging platform to use, “whats the benefit of….”, “how do I set up a website”, “how to do set up an Etsy shop”). If there is something you need to know to help your own creative business or creative journey, or maybe you just need a chat about your own ideas and business, please post a comment below on what you would like to know and what this information will enable you to do and I will choose one person to help on the call. {we will then arrange a skype call in the near future} and try my best to answer any others via the blog.

3) if you are new here, you can also download some lovely e-books for free:


New e-book coming…..

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