The sun is back! after a week or so of storms, rain and lots of wind! The ocean has been wonderful to watch and I have had lots of fun beach combing. 🙂 This week’s Monday Mandala is from the wonderful few hours in the sun I spent on my balcony this weekend –  planting some new seeds, flowers and veggies. This mandala was made from the leaves and petals that had fallen in the storm.

I love how the leaves and petals were so delicate, I really had to be mindful as to placing them. making the mandala this week allowed me to spend time considering how delicate life is, and how regeneration and regrowth soon appears. I love my garden on my balcony. It wasn’t long until the wind blew this creation away and scattered the leaves and petals………..


Every Monday I share a nature mandala I have created using natural objects found on my daily explorations. This is a beautiful process for grounding {my word for the year}, connecting with nature and practicing the art of letting go.

Other nature mandala’s I have made so far in the series……

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