“Circle burst design”

This month I gave myself an extra challenge as I am learning how to create patterns in Photoshop as part of the “Art and Business of Surface Pattern” e-course. I had so much fun creating using the computer this month and it was great to try out the # numbers for my palette! Find out more about this months challenge here.

How did you feel creating with this color?

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Below are a few other patterns I created in this palette.

Let’s see what everyone created! Use the linky section below to add a link to your blog post AND please also post a link into the comments as the linkytool seems to be having problems lately. Also please add one of your images in the flickr pool so we can all leaves comments and visit your blog post. You can check out the flickr pool here


Thanks to all who took part this month and the new challenge will be posted on Friday June 1st!

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