I hope you had a lovely weekend. Following my post from Friday on sending heART energy out into the world and choosing gratitude, self-care and other heART energies, I just wanted to share what I created.

Friday I decided to spend some time on caring for myself so after a lovely long swim, I treated myself to a luxurious pedicure and an extra session of reflexology – my absolute favorite self-care routine. 🙂 It felt so good to pamper myself a little and set me up for the weekend ahead of drawing, tidying up my studio and focusing on the kind of activities I listed in my Friday blog post.

I have recently be drawn to circles and mandalas, and above is an image I have been working on in my journal as part of my recent “Creative Cleanse” I did. (working through the material I created for the upcoming Color Bliss course (in October). I focused on the colors of the heart chakra and also using the traditional heart chakra image of 12 petals which are usually of the lotus flower.

I did a lot of meditating this weekend and listening to uplifting music to open my heart. I found myself desperate to tidy my studio, so have been spending time, essentially “creating a clearing”. Something new is wanting to let itself in I can feel it. I have had such a strong desire to clear the energies of my living and working space, to offload some possessions. An abundance of creativity is coming and I cannot wait. 🙂

What were some of the activities you enjoyed this weekend? If you did participate in the heART energy exercise, how did you feel? and what did you create? I would love you to share below in the comments.