Colored pencils on a heart stone found on the beach in Spain.

I’m now back in the USA after an amazing month in Spain. There’s of course, anticipation of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this Sunday, so I wanted to focus on inviting in more positive energy. So all weekend, I’m going to have my very own little ‘heART jam”. Meaning I’m going to focus on my heart energy and create some art for 2 whole days.

Sound like fun? Will you join me?

Our consciousness and energetic level have such significant impact on our own well being, how we interact with others and ultimately how our earth vibrates. The heart is the center of everything – consciousness, health, emotional balance and so much more and by focusing on raising our levels of consciousness above any feelings of sorrow, fear and blame, we and our world can have more “good” energy.

This is a call for giving and receiving creative love

I would like to invite you dear friends to join me in a “heART jam”  where we “jam” together for a concentrated amount of time (this weekend) focusing on our heart energies and expressing these energies in various ways celebrating our creativity.

Imagine the possibilities of what our collective consciousness during this time can do; not only for ourselves, but for everything and everyone that is connected to us and ultimately the world around us.

Who will join me?

Below are some ways to focus on our heart energy.

Please come back on Sunday night EST and I’ll post what I got up to, the art I created and I invite you to do the same by leaving a comment on Sunday and letting me know how you got on and how it felt to express from heart this weekend.  Link to any blog posts or art you created in the comments on the Sunday post, I would love to hear about your heARTful weekend.

Here are some suggestions to get started:

  1. Write a gratitude list of 100 things that make you smile, feel happy and create a warm fuzzy feeling in your being. You can create journal pages around these, or create a piece of artwork incorporating your most important ones.
  2. Play your favorite music – sing and dance which is a great way to raise positive energy! Stretching your arms up to the sky opening your heart. You can even say “I am open to giving love and receiving love” and honor the things you are grateful for.
  3. Surround yourself with pink & green. Pink & green are the colors that resonate with our heart energy. Create journal pages or a piece of art with these colors, doodle with them or jump in with paint and a huge canvas to express yourself with these colors. Wear something pink or green if you have that color in your wardrobe.
  4. Write a thank you letter to someone that is important to you, expressing what they bring to your life and why this enables you to be the person you are. This will open the door to focus on being thankful and open your heart up to the energy flow of giving and receiving.
  5. Eat food that is good for your heart. Here are 3 recipes from a nutrition coach friend of mine.
  6. Journal on areas of the heart that you feel passionate about. Here are some lovely journal prompts from Kathryn at TrueNorthArts
  7. Spend at least an hour for yourself completely: a bubble bath, read your book, create, take a walk, whatever you need to nurture yourself a little. Self-care is important to maintain our own energies so we can give to others.
  8. Participate in a yoga class and ask for some extra heart chakra poses.
  9. Give a friend or family member a huge hug or help a neighbor out.
  10. Meditate and relax. Below is a free heart music mediation I found I thought I would share with you. You can write your own words for it or simply indulge your ears in relaxing, opening your heart and listening to the music. 
    • Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart. Feel whatever it is that you feel. There are no right or wrong emotions at this time, just be. Listen and feel the music. Just let the music take over for the next ten minutes.
    • Optional visualization:
      As you listen, visualize a flower opening in your chest, perhaps a pink lotus flower. You might like to imagine that the music is emanating from within your heart flowing with the colors pink and green.Allow yourself to just be with this music and your visualization.

I hope you enjoy and that you find something that opens your heart this weekend. Every person can make a difference, we are all connected without really realizing how much.

I look forward to hearing about your weekend. Xx

(Monday 12th thru Fri 19th, ill be posting about energy. Not a week to be missed to find out how energy affects us all.)