Today is moving day and Monday I promised to tell the story. So here goes……
During the summer this year, I blogged about the front garden, cultivating seeds, nurturing them, watching them grow and bloom true. I talked about planting our own seeds for creative dreams to grow. Well little did I know that by being outside over the summer, meeting the neighbors as they walked their dogs and planting physical seeds for the sunflowers, I was also planting other seeds into the universe that were also being cultivated and nurtured ready to bloom when the time was right.
Fast forward to Labor day weekend (which is the first weekend in September). I had been thinking about renting some separate studio space to paint in as my apartment was feeling too cluttered and a few things in my personal life were causing some upset related to my existing living arrangements, so a friend come over to stay for the weekend to keep me company. The neighborhood was lovely and peaceful and many people were away for the weekend. After telling my friend about the “Step of Contemplation” and some of the serendipitous things that seem to occur whist sitting there or walking around my neighborhood, we decided to sit on them, have our cup of coffee (in our pyjamas) and watch the world go by. It was about 8.30am on the Saturday so a great way to start the day.
We sat on the step, coffee in hand, morning sun on our faces and the balmy breeze was blowing through the trees around us. I talked about my current personal dilemma, thoughts of needing to move out into a new place, wondering what to do. The conversation went something like this:
Me: “I feel like I need to move out, move on somewhere new. This apartment is starting to feel too small, and things just aren’t working out. I really feel like i need a proper studio space to work in”
Friend: Me too, i’m fed up with the city, the concrete, Hoboken is so lovely, the trees, the neighborhood……[pause] maybe I could move to Hoboken?” I looked at my friend, who had not spoken of this before. “Maybe we could move into somewhere together?” she said.
Me: “Yeah! My lease runs out the end of November.”
Friend: “Well i don’t think I’ll want to move until then anyway, I’ve got too much going on until then”
Me: “oooh sounds great! What sort of place would we need?”
Friend: “Well we would need a 2 bedroom”
Me: “and I’d love an extra room for an art studio”
Friend: “i’d also like an extra room for my studies also”
Me: “Maybe even a shared lounge space we can throw parties in and have dinner parties too”
Friend: “and a nice kitchen to cook and bake in”
Me: “Sounds great” [sigh] “but I love this block and street so much, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else really. The trees are so lovely and its got such a great feel.”
We both paused, dreaming a little, taking a sip of coffee and believing that one day, we could have this.

Along the road I could see Christine walking her dog. I had met Christine a handful of times over the summer when she has stopped to chat about our progress with the garden and our seed planting. The conversation went like this:

Me: “Hi Christine, how are you?”
Christine: “Good thanks” her dog started to jump up to say hello to us as we sat on the steps.
Me: “Not away this weekend?”
Christine: “No, I have a few things going on”
Me: Yes its nice staying in town when everyone else is away isnt it? So quiet!”
Christine: “Definitely! But its not that quiet for me as I have the builders in”
Me: “Oh really, what do you have going on”
Christine: “Oh I’m renovating my duplex apartment upstairs”
[pause, suddenly realizing the universe was at work here]
Me: “Duplex apartment?” I asked
Christine: “yes, my tenants moved and im now renovating the whole 2 floors, going to be wonderful”
Both my friend and I suddenly sat up taller, wanting to find out more.
Me: “You are looking to rent your apartment?”
Christine: “Yes, its a 2 bedroom, 2 den, living room, dining room, 2 bathrooms and lovely kitchen. its going to be wonderful when its all done, lots of work though.
Me: “When do you think it will be finished?”
Christine: “end of November time”
Well you can imagine how we both felt. When Christine walked away after we set up some time to see the place, my friend suddenly realized she didn’t know where the apartment was.

“Nine doors down the street” I said.

“So you wont have to move off this block afterall!”

“no, how amazing is that!”

So thank you universe. I planted the idea seed out there, thought about my studio space (which is also on my visionboard) and still today I am amazed by the serendipity in this story. What if we hadn’t sat on that step at 8.30am, what if I didn’t cultivate those sunflower seeds and made this acquaintance in the first place? Would the universe have found another way?
Over these past few months, I have been constantly flabbergasted by “coincidences” “messages” and what seems like the universe at work. I do believe that when we are on the right path, these kind of occurrences start to appear to guide us, show us the way and reinforce it is all going to work out. I wish for us all to “Believe” it is possible.

Dont stop thinking about what it is you need to help you move forward. The right path, meeting the right people and the direction to move in will be shown, I am so sure of it. 

I cant wait to share photos of my new wonderful space. 🙂

On another note: My ecourse “Big Dreams. Small Wonders” is now open for registration.