A few weeks ago I shared progress on the front garden and how excited I was to see seeds we had planted start to grow and bloom. The mighty sunflower we have been watching, watering and waiting for, finally decided it was time today, to open its petals in all its glory, facing up to the sunshine, worshipping its energy through the trees and catching the rays to energize itself.

How lovely it is to see it stand tall, strong, green and golden yellow and in some cases much taller than people passing by who have been stopping for a chat and watching it grow with us everyday.


When the seeds were planted many moons ago, little did we know how beautiful this was going to be, we hoped of course, had faith that if we nurtured, watered, provided an earthy spot full of sunlight and cared for it, it would indeed bloom so true to itself.


Today, after reading my Dream Lab prompt, I took the advice to “take all the time in the world you need to really see, feel and hear what is going on around you. Go Slow”. So I visited with the sunflower for a short while, stood tall, opened my own petals reaching to the sky, breathed in a deep breath and said hello to the world and to myself living in this moment.

Like the garden, I believe in planting seeds out there in the world to inspire
an idea
creative goal.

Lets take some time today to think about our own creative seeds; plant them, nurture them, feed and water them, check in on them, have a friendly chat, watch them grow and be patient. Most of all, have faith that our own ideas and creative goals will surely flourish when it is indeed time to also Bloom True.

Enjoy your day.