I have lived at 206 for over 6 years. I love this apartment, it helped me settle into Hoboken & New York life hardly knowing a single soul in the area, let alone in this country.

It helped me wish, grow and manifest all the dreams I’ve been collecting on the walls in the forms of art, lists and visionboards.

I lived for over 2 months with just a blow up bed, curtains and a few DVDs to keep me company and as I think back to that milestone in my journey, I think about the tremendous amount of soul searching and reflection that takes place when you move away on your own, sit alone and wonder what this new life is going to be like. Its not all been sunbursts and marble halls and at times in the first few years of being here, I felt like I could give up making this new life my own in this new country. I was determined to make things happen and took each day as one small step.

I filled the walls with large paintings to help me settle in, I bought furniture, I met new people and invited them in, I formed new friendships and eventually made 206 a home. In the last 6 years, there have been many parties, friends to stay, help given, help offered, meals prepared, conversations, contemplations, art created, girly chats, crying sessions! businesses created and creative dreams realized. So much emotion and memories are in these walls.

Blue sky & trees overhead from my “step of contemplation”

For those of you who are a friend on facebook, you know I love to sit on my front stoop “The Step of Contemplation” I call it. Where many conversations with friends, neighbors, the trees (I love my trees) and the universe have taken place.  I have a story to tell you, a story that reinforces how important it is to tell the universe things, put them out there, dream, visionboard, talk about your dreams, ideal world and the life you intuitively know should be yours.

It begins a few months ago, when I sat on that very step and finally told the universe that 6 years on, I was ready to move forwards, find a new home and live my new life completely. It’s full of serendipity and I cant wait to tell you. I want to dedicate a whole blog post to this story, so here is the link to the ‘Apartment Story blog post’