A few weeks ago I posted a blog about the joy of ritual, vision boards and setting intentions for 2010. Well over the weekend I held a little brunch with some girlfriends where we all came along to create our own vision boards for the year ahead.

We had a wonderful afternoon, magazines all over the floor, champagne, food and some great chats. Some even stayed at my place into the evening, creating their vision boards, talking about what each picture or series of words meant to them, discussing dreams and goals and also offering advice and support to others in the group.

It really was an inspirational, creative and exciting day… I felt exhilarated by the end of it and I know others were too, excited to get their boards up on their walls at home (either publicly or privately) and most importantly a great start to making things happen for 2010. I’m pictured above with mine, which is not finished yet!

The other lovely little idea which we repeated again this year was to bring an inspirational gift worth $5 or less, wrapped and also including an inspirational anonymous message inside. We all sat down with a glass of champagne and randomly received presents. We then went around in a circle each opening our gifts and reading the message out loud. It was so lovely to hear what friends had written and given and everyone felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

To also offer ongoing support we will also circle back regularly using a private group feature on a community we site we all use to track progress, discuss thoughts and support each other with completing everything on our boards for 2010! Cant wait for when we all get together again to see how we are all doing.