Moments in Nature Series

Inspired by those precious moments in nature, this series of work was exhibited at the ‘El Campanario Golf and Country Club’ in Spain December 2016. This was the result of a 100 Days of Painting project in the summer of 2016! Some of the paintings have poems….

Secret Garden painting by Louise Gale

“Secret Garden”
A secret garden
Lies beyond here
Full of mystery and wonder
For all we hold dear
Come explore and enjoy
The beauty it beholds
Dream your big dreams and
The truth will be told

Chiringuito painting by Louise Gale

Summer colors
In the heat
They shimmer and shine
The air smells so sweet
Cocktails and dreams
A fresh cool mojito
Barefeet in the sand
At my local chiringuito

Ocean Reflections Painting by Louise Gale

“Ocean reflections“
Ocean reflections
Of life gone by
Shimmering light
This beautiful sigh
Like life, the ocean
We ride the wave
A life by the sea
I will also crave

Sunset Reflections painting by Louise Gale

Sunset Reflections
As the day draws to a close
and I reflect on my day
I give thanks for everything
every which way
For all the twists and turns
that brought me here
and the life that I created, so near and dea

Sunset Reflections painting by Louise Gale
Turquoise Glistens painting by Louise Gale
Under the Wisteria painting by Louise Gale

“I Dream in Wisteria”
I dream in wisteria
As days gone by
Beautiful blossoms
They make me sigh
Soft and gentle
Blowing in the breeze
Dreams to come true
To be wild and free

Peonies in the Garden painting by Louise Gale

“Peonies in the Garden”
Take a walk through
Flowers pink and bright
Peonies in the garden
Are such a beautiful sight
So delicate and fragile
They bloom in the sun
The smell so sweet that
summer has finally begun

Sanctuary moments in nature painting by Louise Gale

“Starlight Reflections”
That moment, the stars come out at night
And dance across the sky
Lighting up the deep indigo blanket
Their patterns sparkle and shine
The sea, silent, calm and captivated
In love with the light
I gaze on this Starlight reflection,
And thank the universe for such a beautiful sight.

Sanctuary moments in nature painting by Louise Gale

A sanctuary in nature, thats what we’ll find
A place to be tranquil and calm the mind
To watch the blossom and hear the stream
and lay watching the sky and to dream our dream

Quiet Water painting by Louise Gale

Quiet Water
Quiet water so calm and blue
I watch the reflections of the truest hue
Thank you for bringing this energy to shore
For us to be whole, calm and quiet once more.

Turquoise Glistens painting by Louise Gale
Beyond the sea nature painting by Louise Gale
Journey nature painting by Louise Gale

A Journey across the sea
Where life is wild and free
A place to just be
The person that is truly me

Love Blossoms Here nature painting by Louise Gale

“Love Blossoms here”
Beneath the falling blossom
So soft in the breeze
It rains pink and white
As I sit silently under the tree
Take one moment
All near and dear
For those that pass by
Love blossoms here

Enchanting Ocean Nature painting by Louise Gale

“Enchanting Ocean”
Enchanting Ocean
So wild and free
What lies beneath?
That wild, wonderful sea
Your colors so cool
And patterns so bright
I could sit here for hours
and bask in this light.

Turquoise Glistens painting by Louise Gale

Here we sat beneath the Jacaranda tree
He took my hand and said he loved me
The blossoms fell, the purple hue
and I believed our love was pure and true
That moment it stayed with me for all my days
Remembering the bright vivid color of a true loves gaze.

Sunrise Reflections by Louise Gale

Sunrise, you are always a surprise
Such beauty and color to the eyes
What a glorious way to start the day
A feast of nature in every way!

Beyond the sea nature painting by Louise Gale

Beyond the Sea
There is hope and promise beyond the sea,
For you, for everyone and for me!
I can beyond that horizon line
A love for you and a life thats divine.

“Across the Bay”

Across the bay, Color reflecting onto the sea, There is something so quiet in this moment, So, breathe and just be. 

Pink and purple, Gold and blue, Soak in all the colors, they are for you, true.