'Sew Hoboken' Series

This mixed media series was exhibited at the Hoboken Historical Museum in 2011. All originals sold and are now a permanent collection at the museum in New Jersey, USA.


There are so many hidden features to be found in Hoboken – old shop signs, facades of buildings and little details not many notice in their daily life rushing around town. This exhibit features digital prints with an element of sewing and fabric included. Showing the real essence of Hoboken with some surrealism thrown in through the fabric designs and sewing additions.

"The Pier"

Hoboken Mural Project

In 2013, my Sew Hoboken works were also selected for a series of murals to ‘beautify’ a housing project fencing as it was being built.


"Morning Stroll"

Virtual Audio Tour

Click on the video below to learn more about what inspired each piece and for a little story of the artwork.

Virtual Exhibition Video

"Waiting Room"

'Greenlife or Greylife' Series

This mixed media series was created and exhibited in a solo show in New York City in March 2010. All originals sold or part of a private collection.

"Greenlife Greylife Windows"


I created this series to challenge us to think about how parks and green spaces are being sacrificed for buildings and concrete. How can buildings and environments be changed with a little greenlife around them?

I chose this theme as I had read an article on regeneration of towns and how wild areas and small parks were vanishing to make way for concrete. As we destroy and rebuild many of our cities and small towns, I wanted us to think about how we don’t necessarily need to choose between green and grey. The two can co-exist.

"Greenlife or Greylife"
"Soda Sign"
"Greenlife or Greylife"

Timelapse video

Click on the video below to see a time lapse of me creating the main piece in this collection.