Chakra Color Art

Drawings and Mixed Media paintings on wood for each chakra. This series was created in 2012. All originals are part of a private collection.

Intuition - Third Eye Color Energy


This art series is based on all 7 colors of the rainbow, linked to our energy system called the chakras. Chakra means ‘wheel’ and we have these wheels of energy in our bodies linked to our major organs. Each chakra and color vibrate at different levels and working with specific colors can change our mood, outlook on life and have the ability to heal ailments. Art does heal.

Crown Chakra Color Energy
May Your Inner Self be Secure and Happy - Root Chakra Color Energy
Imagination is our univeral power - Solar plexus Color Energy
Speak Your Truth - Throat Chakra Color Energy
Appreciate Yourself and Honor your Soul - Sacral Chakra Color Energy

Chakra Color Art Class

Explore all 7 colors and the energy levels of the chakras in my online class.

Root Chakra Drawing