Happy heart projects

happy heart project - art from the heart, mixed media, color, surface pattern

Creating from the heart, fills your energy field and the world around you with positive vibrations.

In a new monthly series {started July 2013}, I’ll be showcasing my own “happy heART projects” in hope of spreading that joy wider. Below are tutorials and posts that I hope inspire.

Art from the heART will make a difference.




love sign, wooden, nature, art, creative, found objects,Love is a sign. Made out of found objects on the beach, I loved making this sign for my apartment. More info here Make your own smudge stick from herbs. Loved making this from the herbs on my balcony to help clear space and negative energy from my space. More here
nature mandala, sacred circle, found objects, mixed media, gratitudeNature Mandalas. I make nature mandala’s by the sea. I use natural objects found on my daily explorations.

This is a beautiful process for grounding {my word for the year}, connecting with nature and practicing the art of letting go.

View these here

Full Sturgeon moon dream board and mandalaFull Moon dreamboards.This is a practice I have been doing on and off since 2010. Just kickstarted it back into action August 2013.See all my boards here

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