patti digh what i wish for you
Last October, I wrote a very heartfelt post about “Putting it out there and self belief” I wrote about how I doubted myself and the universe gave me a second chance. That, the second chance, enabled me to overcome the doubt and send my artwork in anyway! My artwork then got chosen to be included in Patt Digh’s new book “What I Wish For You: Simple Wisdom for a Happy Life
Well…. yesterday, I looked it up on amazon again (I’ve been checking every so often for a publishing date) when I saw the image above!
One of my accepted pieces of artwork is on the cover of the book.
Original artwork: “Tranquility Garden”. Large prints available here
Being published was one of my Dreams last year, that I am also manifesting for this year. I am so happy to have been published on Design*Sponge (Jan 2011) and now on Patti’s new book (April 2011). I cannot begin to express how grateful I feel for all your support, encouragement and to the universe for showing me, prodding me to trust. Trust in my gifts to share with the world. So this is What I Wish For YOU……….
What I Wish For You…. is to TRUST Yourself, 
Your Gifts, Your Talent. 
Everyone has something amazing to share. Today, squash the inner voices that may be doubting, fearful, negative and take the first step towards something you have been longing to reach for.
My Wish for you is that you overcome any fears and doubts, that no matter what happens, how scared you may feel, imagine what you can accomplish if you just take a shot.
 Registration for the Spring session of “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” is open. 
Sssshhhh, I’m not telling the world until after Thursday as there is a special offer for my readers and newsletter subscribers first.  I’ve extended the program to 6 weeks of tools, techniques, inspiration, creativeness, audio meditations/messages, energy balances (from Energy Kinesiologist-Diane Gellatly) and video content.
It really is YOUR TIME to live the life you were born to live. I’ve not even been out of my corporate job a year and I’m so excited to be
living my dream and for whats to come next.