Every year, side by side with many of my creative kindreds around the globe, I choose a word to live by for the year ahead. A word to help me focus on what I want to attract into my life, the feelings, people, places and experiences. It always takes me a few weeks following the new year to be ready to say “My Word of the Year” and what always amuses me is that it’s always more than one word! 

2017 was a wonderful year, but looking back, I was juggling so many things – lots of client work, painting and diving into writing for the new book (more news on that soon as the publishing date will be May!) I think one thing that really grabbed me as I saw the new year in, is that with all of the ‘work’, I had not felt grounded at all… infact, I had been feeling the opposite. So I am currently working on ways to simplify my 2018 so I can spend more time doing the things I love the most. Quite simply:

  • Creating in my Studio
  • Spending more time outside in nature.
  • Exercising everyday
  • Spending time with friends
  • Traveling to see family

A big focus for me this year will be my ‘Botanical Mandalas’ book which I have been working on in my spare time these last six months! It is so wonderful to see this book start to come to fruition. So I feel that being grounded is going to be so important to me as this all unfolds this year. I cant wait to share some of the page sneak peeks with you! Here is a little peek below of some working files from my editor/book designer!

Grounding was my word of the year in 2013, when I first moved to Spain. So it does feel like I am re-connecting with the feeling I wanted to attract into my life at that time also – which was the overpowering force “To live a more peaceful, simple life and be more connected with nature and myself” Below is the journal page I created and still holds true today.

In my book, there is a whole chapter on ‘Connecting with the Natural World’ and finding a sanctuary in nature, so this year, my intention is to be living the words that I wrote (whilst in Bali in August 2017) in that chapter!

Grounding {in an electrical power sense} is all about removing the excess charge on an object. Grounding is a process that helps the body to connect to earth energies and be part of the natural world around us. These past few years I have made some conscious choices to let go of what I have seen as some of these “excess charges” – TV, cell phones and now – the constant electromagnetic fields {through cell phone towers, electronics, wifi networks etc} which are so prevalent in our modern cities and towns. I  constantly feel these negative ‘charges’ around me and I consciously work to keep my body free from these negative forces and be closer to nature. 

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