2015 vision board_Louise Gale

My 2015 vision board

This year was very different to my vision board creating sessions. For the past 4 years, I have always hosted an intentions brunch with friends in NYC and last year, in Spain being surrounded with champagne, friends and celebrations.

This year, I decided to spend the time by myself, in my studio enjoying the sunshine through the windows and taking some quiet alone time creating my board. Very different but felt like that was exactly what I needed.

The day began like this……

The morning light into my studio window. ahhhhhh

For the last couple of years, I feel like my vision board has been more about how I want to be feeling in the year ahead (rather than manifesting ‘things’ – although I did manifest a trip to Morocco (thank you universe!) from my 2014 vision board!

The view from my studio above encapsulates a feeling I want to have everyday. The calm, beautiful morning light, so silent, so fresh is just what I need to start the day. At the moment, it is a little chilly to go down to the beach at sunrise so I am enjoying the view from my studio window each morning.

This was a perfect weekend to create my board, just before the full moon, I could use its magnetic power to inject whatever I needed into this years images and words.

I had already collected a few words and images that week and it was lovely to revisit what I had collected to see what felt right to paste onto my board.

After finishing my 2015 Vision board, I spent a day or so letting the board sit there so I could let it all sink in. I think the main themes are certainly to do with color, home and nature. So here are some of my thoughts on the areas of my board. (I did an intuitive, nothing in particular to manifest kind of board).

2015 dream intention Doodle imageFollowing on from my image from my doodle dreams post last week (click on the image on the left to see that post if you missed it), there are some similar themes from my vision board that I want to acknowledge.




Some of the main themes for this year.

Here is the left-hand side of my vision board


Close up of the left hand side of my board.

Of course what stands out is “it’s all about the colour” and of course, yes it is. This year, I hope to gain my color therapy qualification and build up the Create Your Color Story blog full of resources and color information, looking at color in every aspect of our lives. (yes quite a large task!). I feel like color can help us feel beautiful inside and out which is why I love that quote I added in there too.

I also want to expand on some color class offerings in addition to the Creative Color Energy Journal class. and continue to keep these classes affordable and fun with small groups.

I am also very keen (after a couple of years of traveling) to stay in Spain more this year. Enjoy the beach that is on my doorstep. To explore more of Spain, get stuck into Spanish language lessons again and enjoy my home. “Viva Espana!”.

Home is a focus for me this year for sure. I will be adding lots more color to my home and have already started some moodboard (which i will share on the blog soon) The last big job is renovating my kitchen, to finally see some of the visions I pinned on pinterest here come to fruition. (I have a small kitchen space, but I love the idea of cream cabinets with glass). Decluttering is always there, as I do tend to ‘collect’. So I want to be mindful of utilizing my storage space and getting rid of anything that does not feel good to keep.

I notice that a Morocco feel is still on my board, so perhaps another trip! 😉 No, seriously, I think it is more about taking the inspiration I found on my Morocco trip last year to add decorative elements around my home. I still have an obsession with Moroccan lamps and candle holders and would love to have a beautiful lamp hanging as a center piece in my living room.

Here is the right hand side of my board

2015 vision board_Louise Gale

Linked with the power of color is the power of light. This really spoke to me and had to be included on my board somewhere. The quote was perfect also – “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” (Marianne Williamson) I want to celebrate light this year. And actually it is the International year of light! (more info here)

I love the calm feeling of the Buddha figure too and meditation to keep my mind calm for 2015. I believe that collective consciousness can change the world and now looking at my board, I understand why I put the image of the world in the palm of those hands (this was a mystery before!) next to the light and meditation section. Makes sense to me now.

This year, is also the year I focus on what food I am putting into my body. I want to experiment more with raw food recipes and the quote “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is perfect. Linking this back to color again, I believe eating a rainbow diet is the answer to a balanced, healthy life. I want to feel joy in my kitchen (once it is renovated!) and also get creative with some of the raw food recipes I am discovering.

AND of course “Lets Go Outside” is of huge importance to my life. Spending more time outside, feet in the sand, on the beach, in the sunshine is what heaven looks and feels like to me.

Here is the center of my board.


Yes, of course! I had to get some feet in there somewhere.

It is always so important to put our photo on the board and I put myself right in the center this year. By putting a photo of yourself (preferable a smiley one of course) we are solidifying everything on the board to be in our lives. We need to celebrate how awesome we are and our personal story and I feel like the word ‘freedom’ finds its way on the board too. I absolutely loved this image of someone holding a daisy, that I just had to include this. Something so delicate and beautiful, like life.

One of the intentions for this year for me is to “enjoy the glorious nothing days” which is why that quote is so front and center too. I find it hard to just sit sometimes as I always have a journal, pen and paper to hand, always writing ideas down or on the computer. So linking back to meditation, enjoying whole days of nothing in particular is what is in order this year.

One of the most amazing things about creating the type of board I created this year, I just let my intuition guide me when selecting images and words. Placement was purely intuitive also and now after a few days of letting it all sit with me, I can see the connections and insights to why things are placed together and the lovely messages I am telling myself and the universe for the year ahead. Thank you again universe for opening up the world of vision boards, with many more years of manifesting to come.



Have you created your vision board for 2015 yet? If not, pop on over to my post on “How to Create a Vision Board” and enjoy! I would LOVE to see any you create, so please do pop a link below in the comments or post onto my facebook page here.


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