2015 Doodle image in progress ©Louise Gale

It was gorgeous weather here earlier in the week, so I made sure I sat out on my balcony to do some creating. As I will be creating my vision board this weekend, I started to think about the year ahead and what I would like to focus on. So the doodling began. This year for me is focusing on color and finishing my color therapy qualification to enhance my own life with color and help others through my new blog “Create Your Color Story“.

2015 dream intention Doodle image

The doodle was both conscious and unconscious so it was interesting to see what emerged. It was a great way to help me really reconnect to what I want to attract. And what is really interesting is that the list is not that different from last year. I still accomplished a great deal so may it continue! My doodle drawing goals include :

  • Continue to live a life with less clutter {physically and mentally}
  • Collaborate!
  • Run affordable creative classes online with small groups
  • Paint with others and in my studio overlooking the ocean.
  • Throw paint on something big!
  • Connecting further with nature
  • Eat raw food.
  • Paint murals on walls, paint on wood, paint my apartment!
  • Finish up my apartment renovations this year, decorate my home with color
  • Fill my life with color, design and energy – let my true colors shine through.
  • Learn to play the mandolin!
  • Find the courage to play the mandolin infront of others
  • Improve my Spanish and feel confident having a conversation
  • Share more of my sketchbooks and journals
  • Share more in general about my life in Spain on my blog. 🙂
  • Continue to assist other creative souls in their businesses, website design and more.
  • Create more videos about my process as an artist and for fun!
  • Use my voice more through meditations and audios. Practice the art of speaking.
  • Sing more! To join a singing group.
  • Explore more of Spain this year and not travel too far. (I want to be more of a home body this year)
  • Write a book or collaborate with another inspiring soul to publish one or several! 🙂
  • Awaken my soul and spirit though more meditation, living in the moment and living a life that feels unlimited.

Last year I created a little video of my doodling, so I used the same process this year. Hope it inspires you.

Here is the 2014 doodle from last year

Your Turn!

Why not give it a try in your own sketchbook or journal? Put on some music that makes you smile, open a blank page and just start to doodle out all the things you would love this year to be. What would you like to attract? How would you like to feel? What experiences would you like to have this year?

I would love to see your doodle. Please do post a link below on my facebook page here Happy doodly fun!