My “getting rid of” corner!

If you could see my home and studio right now, you would think – wow what kind of whirlwind just blew through! I have been busy clearing out cupboards, sorting through art materials, clearing and de-cluttering. For a brief moment in time, it is overwhelming and a little sad, but I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it feels to let “stuff” go.

It does rustle up some interesting emotions when you start to de-clutter….. all that old energy that’s been sitting with “stuff” is being stirred up….some of the items I have had for years and I can feel the energy attached to them.

I am a hoarder, yes I sure am! So I collect lots of different things, materials, cards, letters, clothes as I always think I might need these things one day. What I have come to realize is they are just “things”. Things that we think make us happy or safe, so I am certainly pushing these boundaries by getting rid of pretty much EVERYTHING!

It’s really funny as something inside of me has been urging me to clear out, let things go for this past year, as if the universe knew this was coming……

“Free art – outside my front yard for passers by.

Last weekend I also decided to let go of some old artwork that I wasn’t sure what to do with! I was keeping it to paint over or…to be honest I’m not sure really why I was keeping it. Maybe I thought I would “need it some day” and there was definitely some emotion hanging on this as they were works I created at the beginning of my art journey 2 years ago.

It felt good to let these go out into the world and satisfying to think it was giving someone somewhere some joy.

What are some of the things you have, that you could let go of?



As part of my letting go process, and to celebrate my move to Spain, I am also reducing everything in the shop!

  • Prints are now only $10 & $15

Hope you find something you love and there’s a little extra free gift {worth $5} with EVERY purchase. {as a little thank you from me.}