TODAY I wanted to welcome you to my “new” space. The “Flower of Life Studio”

Since leaving the corporate world two years ago to follow my dreams of living a more creative life, I feel like I have been searching, trying lots of different things; different art techniques, workshops, e-courses, art retreats, life coaching and lots lots more. It now feels so good to slow down a bit and focus on the areas I love the most through:

Pattern . Art . Color . Energy

With all my new pattern design work emerging, I decided to create a more formal brand, logo and name to bring these elements closer. In addition to pattern design, I am also loving the fact that I am combining creativity & color with energy coaching tools as part of my services and offerings, so everything feels like it’s falling into place.

Ancient Flower of Life {not the full design}

The ancient “flower of Life” has been a symbol that has drawn me closer over the years, popped back into my dreams, my life and most recently more than ever, it has been appearing to me. I felt like the universe was poking me again and I knew, it was time to go with it.

“The Flower of Life” is ‘natures first pattern’. How wonderful is that?

This really made me smile as in the past year I have slowly been re-connecting with my childhood dream of learning all about surface pattern design. {getting there slowly but surely} Taking my time, letting this all unfold.

Quiet and empty roads in Tasmania

I have always been someone who sees connections & patterns, looking for similarities rather than differences. Something has been happening this year. Since my travels at the beginning of year really. I started working on all of this, sketching out ideas, thoughts and words to help me uncover the next steps in this journey. Being on the road in Australia and New Zealand was the perfect way to take a step back, spend time thinking, feeling and being guided by my intuition as to where this journey was going to take me next. The “Flower of Life Studio” is still evolving so it’s bound to morph slightly at some stage. I am okay with that, and although it is not “perfect” {what ever is!} it felt time to move forwards. Its been sitting with me long enough.

Some ideas I developed in my sketchbook.

I now realize I’ve been nurturing it, keeping it close, under the surface, like a baby growing inside. Now it’s time to birth it and let it grow.

Like many of us traveling on this creative journey, it has felt a little bumpy. Taking time out this January-March and working out what was going to be next for me was amazing. There were lots of quiet contemplation moments, a few tears, calmness, meditation, adventures, ah ha moments, chats with the universe, driving on empty roads, mountains, oceans, beaches, being in the middle of nowhere, visions, friends, connections, sketching, kindness, dreaming, beauty and well, SO-MUCH-MORE. It really is so funny when you have a blog as there is so much we say sometimes and so much we do not say, things we want to keep close to us, safe. This has been one of them, I feel like I’ve been sheltering this….as I work it out.

One of my patterns based on the flower of life concept.

It’s taken me a few months to digest all the things I unraveled at the beginning of this year, to understand how it all fits, how I move forward, what it all means to me. A great deal of soul searching, a great deal of letting go. That is what I have been doing more recently than anything. Letting go of many things. Thoughts, feelings, possessions. The need to be producing all the time. It feels good to let go of things as it creates a space for something new to come in, it creates space for good energy to flow.  I am still learning the art of it. I have bursts of “letting go moments” every week.

I am choosing to live from the heart even more so now, not in a fear based world which has crept its way in a few times this past few months. Each of us do make a difference when we live from the heart. I intuitively knew I was being guided in this direction when I started “your heART makes a difference” last November, also a milestone in this journey, just the beginning. I am so grateful and full of love for the souls who write in that heART space.

So what will the “flower of life studio” be? I am still working on much of that. Below are where my passions are and how I’d like to see them evolve as the “Flower of life” studio unfolds and grows.


I see patterns everywhere, but what inspires me the most are the patterns that surround us in nature. Such beauty. On first glance it appears random, but what I am learning more and more from the ancient flower of life philosophies is that there is a formula to nature’s seemingly random patterns. {more on that in the next few weeks}

Seeing patterns in nature everywhere

I really want to capture this in my surface designs as well as other areas of interest, such as energy, how do certain patterns and colors make us feel? I want my surface designs to have more spiritual meaning behind them, this feels important to me. More to come on this as I start to work on my portfolio some more and share more designs with you.


Of course art plays an enormous part of who I am and how I view the world and my portfolio has been growing and evolving in the last 2 years. I really want to explore more about intuitive art techniques, energy art {I loved doing energy & aura drawings at my recent workshop – pictured below}. I am really interested in exploring our own energy, patterns in nature and to create more original art with what I learn along the way.


Color plays a big part in my life too. My journey with color has been going on for a few years through exploration of art techniques and the Creative Color Challenge. I am inspired by the energy of color, how it makes us feel, the therapy behind it and how lives can change by having more of it in our day to day. I loved creating my own color meditations and kits so this is something I really want to continue to expand on within the “Flower of life studio”. I want to help spread more inspiration to others about color and its energy.

Root chakra and red energy painting


My core belief is that the answers we seek are inside us, that we are so much more than we think we are. We CAN create our world, attract wonderful people and things if we only believe. Going with the natural energy flow of life and listening to our intuition will guide us to where we are meant to be. I have talked about energy a few times on the blog. Since my life coach training in a specific energy technique, it has really opened my eyes up to the different kinds of energy around us. It is everywhere, what we think, feel, our earth, the objects around us and all experiences and beliefs are associated with a particular level of energy. I would love to help others identify what their own energy levels are and how these can be enhanced so we can bring more positive energy into our own lives. This service is coming in the Autumn. My other website – “your heART makes a difference” really does encompass much of this and I love having the other creative talented souls be part of that.

There are many other areas that fit within this, that I know will naturally show themselves. I’m excited to bring this all together.

So welcome to the “Flower of Life Studio” my new creative home. A home that has lots of meaning in so many ways. The ‘Flower of Life’ holds so much knowledge and connectivity to life and the universe, and over the next few months, I’ll be talking about this ancient pattern some more.

I do believe there is a HUGE shift happening in our world, whether its this year or in a few years, it is time to really flow in the the way the heart is intuitively showing us. To open the door and walk through.

love open doors

In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself. You must understand the whole of life, not just one little part of it. That is why you must read, that is why you must look at the skies, that is why you must sing and dance, and write poems and suffer and understand, for all that is life – J. Krishnamurti

Patterns are hidden in plain sight, you just have to know where to look. Some people see chaos when others see subtle laws of behavior; galaxies, plants, sea shells…and life. There are many things hidden in plain sight in this world and I cant wait to focus on the areas that I love the most.

I am heading off on another adventure, this time to Spain for the month of August. I believe it’s so important to take time out of our regular environment. I’ll be sharing this next phase of my journey, some of my findings and adventures on the blog, so please do pop back and say hi when you can. 🙂