Energy is everywhere. The human body and everything around us is an energy system resonating at different vibrational energy levels throughout the day. This energy makeup is influenced by many things and today we are going to look at the power of thought and the energy that flows with that.

Many studies have quoted that we have approximately 65, 000 thoughts every day. Isn’t that amazing! The energy of those thoughts are based on our current circumstance, but also every experience, lesson taught and belief system we live by.

The illustration above shows the flow of each thought we have, that it stimulates our brain and produces hormones, which then create feelings and emotions in our being resulting in an action or outcome. Depending on the kind of thought we have and the feeling it then generates, these can resonate on several levels of energy, that can also be known as levels of consciousness.

The two main types of energy that we all have at different levels in our body are catabolic & anabolic.

  • Catabolic is associated with low energy and its the kind of energy that breaks us down, causes stress and can be destructive over time. Fear, guilt, anger, blame and conflict are examples of low energy and you can recognize when you are in this space as you feel low, heavy like you are carrying a weight on your shoulders and generally unhappy with life.
  • Anabolic is  associated with higher consciousness. This energy is growth oriented, heals us from within and opens us up to possibilities and opportunities in life. More of this good energy helps us live with more purpose and passion towards greater happiness. Peace, love, joy & gratitude are examples of high vibrational energy and you can recognize when you are here as you feel light, connected and great!

It is perfectly normal for us to have a little negative voice now and again, and turning that around into something positive has outstanding results on how we go about our daily lives, follow our passions and how our mind & body uses positive energy to grow and create a better life for ourselves.

Photo credit: Stanley Ambrose

Choosing good thoughts and feelings and reacting to challenging situations positively raises our vibrational level and helps us attract the things we want in our life.

One of the first steps to help raise our consciousness is the thought and feelings of thankfulness, gratitude and forgiveness. So my invitation for today is to think about 3 things you are thankful for in your life or thankful for about your day and write them down. Perhaps there is someone you have been meaning to thank for something, give them a call today. Perhaps there is something or someone you need to forgive to help you release any angry feelings that are causing you stress – journal some of this to help you offload these negative feelings.

Everyday, as part of your morning ritual, you can set an intention and ask yourself…..“Which type of energy do I choose to live by today”

As a Core Energy life coach, I work with my clients to unblock the negative kind of energy to help them move forward with their dreams and passions. It’s so rewarding to see a weight lifted from someone and see them open the door to possibilities that await them. Feel free to post any questions below or email me (info[at]louisegale[dot]com).