Gorgeous Lillies“Pink Lillies” are one of my favourite flowers. {Photo taken in New Zealand}

I think I can honestly say pink is one, if not the most of my favorite colors! So am really excited for this month. I am back in my studio with all my materials and cannot wait to create some new work with this fabulous color!

When I see pink, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it warms my heart and I love to wear pink out and about.


  • Create something using these beautiful colors with a combination of any of the additional shown above. (you can also include white or black in your creation)
  • The colors don’t need to be 100% exact – the codes/numbers are listed for guidance and if you decide to create using a computer, you can grab these codes.
  • Share it in the flickr group here
  • Pop back here on the 28th where I will share mine. I will then invite you all to post a link to your work or blog post about it all and visit everyone who participated. Read more about the challenge and to sign up here

Some Prompts:

Here are some prompts to help you uncover these colors some more. Feel free to incorporate words or images from these into your work or comment in the comments below.

  • How do these colors make you feel?
  • What do these pinks remind you of?
  • What are some of the things that come to mind when you see these colors together?

ENJOY! I cant wait to see what you all create!