I am so happy to announce a new “heART movement”, I am launching on Tuesday, 1st November. It’s my pleasure to invite you to take part and help spread more goodness out into the world.

“your heART makes a difference” will be a new community empowering us to:

  • Live with Gratitude
  • Choose Kindness
  • Practice Self-care
  • Be creative
  • Spread happiness
  • & Energize from the heART

If you have asked yourself “What can I do to make a difference?”, I hope this new community will inspire you.

Throughout 2011, as I have been working through my coach training and experiencing all the ebbs and flows of life, I came to realize more and more how the energy of our thoughts and feelings really do make a huge difference. Not only to ourselves but everyone around us, spreading wider and wider.

Choosing good thoughts and feelings positively raises our vibrational level and helps us attract the things we want in our life.

As human beings we often focus on what is missing in our lives, what is wrong and what isn’t working. Imagine if we were to turn that around and focus more on what has gone well, what is working and really start to focus on what we are grateful for.


Sneaky peek below of the contributors being introduced next week.

The Mission

To raise the consciousness of the world, one by one through practicing self-care, love, kindness, forgiveness & gratitude through creative expression.

The Vision

Our vision is to inspire you with stories, creative activities, artwork & ideas to nurture your soul, body and heart center. Together, let’s fill our lives with love, color, art and smiles!


Imagine a world filled with more kindness, gratitude, creativity, self-care and forgiveness. Hold that thought for a moment and open your heart to the possibility that you can make a difference.

Are you ready to help make a difference?

I invite you to share your stories, art, ideas and help us create a community that constantly inspires.

Get involved in the movement here.


Pop back on Sunday, where I’ll be announcing a special art swap coming in November.