I have recently been more and more drawn to circles and the motion of drawing a circle or a swirl (always loved swirls!). I’m not sure why, but upon reading more about earth energies, chakras, the moon and other delights such as crop circles I have also found myself more and more drawn to circular images, patterns and mandalas, so from now on, my full moon dreamboard will be a “Full Moon Mandala”.

I am so in love with my Full Moon Mandala. The moon will be at its fullest Sept 13th; 5.27am.

It really feels like my energies surrounding my dreams can flow so much more freely in this form on the paper. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle” and as I look at my new way of using the moon energy to manifest my dreams, I felt this so perfect to align with the moon and the earth, both turning their own circles of energy.

Earth Energy

We and everything surrounding us is an energy system. A network of lines and systems moving energy to keep us growing and  promote the flow of life. The earth as a whole has its own energy network. Like our chakras (we cover our own energy system on Thursday), there are particular points in the earth and lines of energy that are sacred. Wherever these “Meridian” Lines intersect, there is a “Tsu-Bo” point (pressure point in Japanese – minor points are “Tsu,” and major points are “Bo”).  Wherever the meridians come together, you end up with powerful electromagnetic fields which have a direct effect upon anyone who visits.

Many sacred sites, churches and ancient ruins can be found on such areas and many have described amazing experiences of oneness and connectivity when being there. Stonehenge in England is one, so is Easter island in Chile.

We are often encouraged to think that everything is separate, not associated or effected, but if the earth itself is an energy system, how can we not believe that everything is connected. The earth has its own Chakra centers and essentially acupressure points of energy and the flow of life traveling between these centers. We are effected by the earth and the earth is effected by us.

Crop Circle, England. (Freddy Silva)

“Energetically, the most powerful crop circle ever to appear. It even knocked out power to the local village. Predicted in advance, it incorporates the seven principles behind the pure music scale and the visible light spectrum, the very forces of creation.” Credit & source: Freddy Silva

To continue my fascination with circles, energy and crop circles, I found this amazing photographer, who has captured just a few of the mysterious sacred sites around the globe. Then the artist below capturing the magic and energy of the Stone circle of Stonehenge.

Artist: Susan Tower

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to visit some of these sacred sites and energy centers of the earth to photograph or create in?

Which if any, have you had the opportunity to visit? Do you have a place you like to visit that gives you energy mentally, physically or spiritually?