Happy September all.

I am pairing up with a creative sister Amelia Critchlow in the UK to bring you this months giveaway.

When we met July 2010 at our art friend Concetta’s mosaic studio

AND there are 2 giveaways this month too for 2 lucky winners. WOOHOO!

#1: Win a place on Amelia Critchlow’s wonderful “Experimental Art” e-course, starting on Monday 12th September 2011.

This online course is designed for those who:
*have always fancied doing something artistic but for some reason or another haven’t taken the first step
*those who may already work in one medium but have the desire to launch out into something fresh
*who have an urge to be creative, but worry about going to physical classes for fear of having their abilities judged
*those interested in creative exploration and expression using art techniques
*those that want to meet with like-minded individuals and share an artistic journey from the comfort of their own home

Read the testimonials here. and check out more about the course here.

#2: Win a free copy of the Big Dreams Small Wonders Workbook & Planner before it goes on general release.

Over 50 pages of worksheets, creative exercises and ways to dream big and start seeing your small wonders appear! Click here for more information. (you can still get the planner at only $9.95 until Sunday so pre-order now!)


TO WIN: Leave a comment sharing something new you would like to invite into your life or experiment with. This can be a new creative medium, subject area, a dream or wish for this month. The 2 winners will be chose randomly and announced on Tuesday’s blog post.



#1: Winner of a place on “Experimental art e-course“: Comment #7 BEV.  Congratulations!

Registration is open for the “Experimental art e-course” so check it out here.

#2: Winner of a free “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” planner & workbook: Comment #4 Lee Clements Congratulations!