Hanging out in Concetta’s mosaic studio!

This week back in the UK, I took the opportunity to meet up with fellow “Flying” Sisters Amelia and Concetta – woohoo! I met these two lovely ladies at different times in the last year in our virtual world through “In the fish bowl” then on “Mondo Beyondo” and then again on the recent “Flying Lessons“. How wonderful when we discovered that we were within 10 miles of my hometown in south London!

Concetta kindly invited us to her lovely home, where we ate, drank, explored her Mosaic art studio and chatted about our creative endeavours. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this was to finally meet these two kindred spirits in person after months of blog visiting, commenting and getting a tiny virtual view into their worlds. These are gals who are finding their creative community offline in addition to online so I cant wait to see where the next phase of their creative journey takes them.

Concetta’s very organized studio.

So exciting to make these connections. Another artful sister Beth, is traveling across the pond from the UK to USA in September where both of us are off to SQUAM (YAY!) so im so excited to see Beth again and I just found out Lorrie is going too!

Anyone else going to Squam in September?

Do you have artful sisters who live close to you, that you could visit? or meet over coffee or lunch? Our virtual world is such a supportive place but taking the opportunity to meet face to face makes our creative connections that little bit extra special. Go ahead, make a plan and send that invitation. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone. xx