A friend shared a link on facebook this morning to “The Museum of Me“. It takes images and words from your facebook account and builds them into an exhibition. “Sounds like fun” I thought. After I had created mine, it really got me thinking that even though alot of our own life is now recorded on platforms such as social media, and this is just a small glimpse into who I am, what if someone really was to create a “museum of me”. What would that exhibition look like? How do I want to be seen, remembered? What legacy do I want to leave the world, how would I want people to feel as they viewed the images and words displayed that became a summary of a life. Would they get a sense of the person I was? Did I make a difference?

“This exhibition is a journey of visualization that explores who I am” is the tagline as you enter the individually created space. Facebook activity aside, who I am is something I have been thinking about for a few months. It is something that I have been exploring as part of my coaching training and we cover a whole week of “I am” in the Big Dreams, Small Wonders e-course (next class starts in September)

It’s a refreshing exercise to spend some time really thinking about these things. Who am I?, what do I value and why, what do I want to do with my time apposed to what I feel I have to do. What and who gives me joy? How can I grow?

Below are a few of the image from the facebook and intel created “museum of me” – such a small glimpse, however, it presented so many thought provoking questions to me. Take a look through and spend a few minutes yourself, away from distractions, giving yourself permission to just think about your own.

Who are the friends you interact with most in your life? Do they give you good energy and joy? Who do you want more of in your life and why?

How do you document your life? Record your successes, challenges and things you are grateful for? If your life were in pictures, what feeling would you want others to feel when they viewed them?

What do you REALLY value and like? Are you letting more of it in your life? What do you like about others? How can you do more of what you like and even love?

Words. Do you keep a journal or record words that have meaning to you or express how you feel at any given moment? What words describe you? How do the words you use, affect others? What words would you want to be on this wall in your museum?

So lovely creative souls out there, what would your “Museum of Me” look like?


Also, pleased to announce the winner from this months First Friday Giveaway: Dana Barbieri.

Dana was comment No 4 suggested by the random number generator. 🙂