I got some exciting news over the weekend! 
Artwork that I submitted last month has been accepted for Patti Dighs next book “What I Wish For You: Simple Wisdom for a Happy Life” being published in April 2011 WOOHOO! I love the title and its going to be such an honor to have work in this book. 
Being published was one of my Mondo Beyondo Dreams and the strange thing is, is that I was very close to letting this opportunity pass me by.  Yes I know, SO UNLIKE ME. But I was so overwhelmed by other forces in my personal life, I didnt listen to the universe giving me this opportunity, pushing me, reminding me, telling me to “put it out there” and believe in myself. 

There was such a huge response to the call for art, that the publisher decided to randomly select 200 artists who would get the chance to submit work and I was lucky enough to be one of them. I received the essay and instructions whilst I was away at Squam and as the deadline fastly approached, I panicked a little…those little negative voices started to tap away at me: is my work good enough to submit? It doesn’t really match the essay, this wont work, they wont choose me anyway! Yes I know again SO UNLIKE ME. 

On the day of the deadline, the publisher wrote to me to ask if I was definitely going to submit, and that if I needed the weekend, I could get something back for Sunday night. My inner guide perked up inside of me and gave me a big sharp poke “Louise YES, you can do this”, so I wrote back and held myself accountable by promising to send work over. There, it was done.
Receiving the acceptance email from the publisher this weekend was amazing and I wanted to share this little story with you to remind myself and share with all of you lovely creative souls out there, that putting yourself and your work out there is so important. Don’t be afraid, or feel like you are not good enough or you wont get chosen, taking the initial step just makes us stronger and who knows what will happen! I cannot believe how close I came to not sending in my work. 

Thank you to Monica who posted the call to artists on her blog a few months ago, thank you to the publisher who chose my name at random and for the time….and most of all thank you to the universe for reminding me to practice what I preach: to believe in myself, giving me the extra chance to “Put it Out There”. The work I submitted is above, my tranquility paintings that are becoming more and more precious and meaningful to me in so many ways as time goes on.

Is there something you are scared about submitting to at the moment? A letter of submission you are thinking twice about writing, a show you are not sure you are good enough to apply for, an exhibition opportunity?…..please please please take a deep breathe, muster up the courage from deep within your soul and take that first step – Put it Out There. You are good enough, you are unique, you are amazing. 🙂
I’m also taking this opportunity to put 2 more things out there: 1) The Creative Color Challenge Ornament swap officially starts on Tuesday. YAY! 2) I am almost done with the ecourse, workbook & planner I am writing. “Putting our Dreams out there” and “Listening to the Universe” are important elements I’m including….I’m so excited to be creating these resources to help others plan and take action in their creative endeavors and make 2011 an amazing year. I’ll be announcing the full outline in just a couple of weeks!