From top left across: 1. Joye, 2. The Creative Beast, 3. Heidi Brand , 4. One Little house , 5.Valentina Ramos , 6. Leanne Sim , 7. Cul*ti*vate, 8. Pat Langley, 9. Angie Barrett, 10. Mel , 11. Carola Bartz, 12. Exploring Creativity

WOOHOO! What a glorious color. I enjoyed looking through the flickr pool so much today, so many absolutely amazing Turquoise combinations and what a gorgeous color this is to work in. Did everyone feel some calm and tranquility? I’m so inspired, are you?

I know many of you love this color, so did you find this an easier week? Anyone still find it a challenge? I loved adding some extra metalics to my piece below which is only 8×8 inches so I have this desire to make this into a much larger canvas, what do you think?

Such a great challenge week everyone. Ill be posting the new color and challenge Sunday at around 3pm EST. This week we are pairing up with one of my favourite artists who also hosts a regular challenge to add some more twists! Check back tomorrow for the scoop. 🙂