Oh my I have jumped into 2010! My usual of getting so excited that I want to get everything accomplished now! But after reading Kates blog am thinking I should take a leaf out of her book (or blog should I say) and “Ease” into the year.

So to get 2010 started with ease or speed whatever is your preference, remember to be mindful of the first twelve days. In a recent blog post, I mentioned the “Joy of Ritual” by Barbara Biziou and would you believe it, my friend Diane rang me up after reading that post to say she had already bought the book for me for Christmas before I posted the entry! How great is that! Thanks universe (and Di of course). So under “New Year”, Barbara says that the first twelve days of January are the most important for the year ahead, each day representing the months of the year. So 1st is January, 2nd is February and so on… “By practicing loving kindness, openness and generosity, while giving thoughtful attention to the significance of each day, you will consecrate the coming year.” Barbara goes on to say that one of the intentions for this time is to create a vision board/collage that expresses your resolutions.

This is something that some of my girlfriends and I will be doing at my apartment on Sat 16th. I forgave myself for not being able to do this within the first 12 days, but as I wanted to get creative with friends and hold my 2nd annual “Intentions Brunch”, this was the first date available. 🙂 I’m sure it will be a fabulous exercise for all of us to focus for the year ahead. Last January we shared our intentions for 2009 and exchanged inspirational gifts so will be doing the same a week on Saturday – cant wait!

If you don’t have “The Joy of Ritual” which also walks through a “recipe” for creating the vision board, including burning white sage for purification, check out this blog entry I found on creating vision boards which I liked and thought I’d share with you all. Christine Kane does a lovely job of describing the different kinds of vision boards too.

Vision board image credit

Would love to see photos or hear your thoughts on this ritual and also what your first twelve days are bringing to your 2010…