Turquoise Dreaming

Last Friday night I had the most vivid colorful dream EVER! I dreamt that I was reaching up and traveling to a turquoise sky that was so bright it glowed such a wild turquoise blue at me. The hundreds of shiny dark blue stars in that very sky glistened so bright it felt like a huge burst of energy within me – I was at one with the glowing night sky. It felt both so surreal and real at the same time.

This dream image has been creeping up on my daily thoughts for the last few days that I felt compelled to create an illustration of it. The painting above doesn’t even begin to describe what this dream was like, but I wanted to share this with you all the same. It feels like something is happening……something inside of me is shifting, moving, changing. I really cannot put a finger or label on it yet, but I know it has to do with some of the recent connections with life I’ve been making for myself – such as meditating and slowing down.

I go through phases of remembering dreams, then not and I know in this dream I was traveling somewhere on the coast and could feel the beachy sand inbetween my toes – maybe its something telling me to finally visit the other Louise Gale who lives by the ocean (read the synchronistic story here) OMG – as a side note I just looked at that blog post and realized that I posted that story exactly ONE YEAR ago to the day of when I had my Turquoise dream! (Fri 22nd July). Coincidence? OR maybe my dream is telling me something about being be the sea for some reason.

I do believe we are all connected, I believe in synchronicity and messages in dreams and I know this one has a message, even if I haven’t quite worked it all out. I know it was important enough to share and acknowledge with you, so I hope you enjoy looking at my girl and imagining your own turquoise starry blue sky for your precious dreams.

What are some of the vivid dream memories you have had?

Do you have a secret life waking dream that pop’s it’s head up in your bedtime dreams?


  1. Wow! Yes DEFINITELY time you went to visit the other Louise Gale (and me!!) Can’t wait to see what unfurls

  2. i love your beautiful turquoise sky dreaming … makes me happy!!!

    i am such a believer in connection and messages … and your “knowing” this dream had significance is clearly a sign it may be time to make that visit to the other Louise.

    I had a very “real” dream many many years ago with my grandpa visiting me … it turned out to have great significance and it still makes me cry every time i share the story.

    love to you and your dreams!!!

  3. First of all, I love your picture–so freeing! I have vivid dreams EVERY night (because of some medications) and they are usually very odd unfortunately! I did have one worth remembering though–we were in Jamaica watching tons of dolphins swim by. I love the Caribbean Sea and think about it often, so this dream did make some sense. I do wish though that I’d dream about things that I ponder over during that day, however.

  4. Oh wow….that is definitely a sky to be throwing your arms open widely to and beckoning in…what a fantastic dream and wonderful co-inky dink (as my daughter calls it!) :)
    OOh where to start with dreams I’ve had!! Travelling adventures, meetings with “god”! and many events which have come true…..pretty crazy!
    Here’s to your trip to the sandy shores of cornwall…..mmmm and those clotted cream scones :) xx

  5. Hi Louise,

    I just typed in “i dreamed of an aqua blue sky ” after last night’s dream, but didn’t find it- so I changed it to turquoise, and found this page!

    The vision was so beautiful and compelling, almost life changing, that I fell backwards in the dream off of the porch and started falling but my sister grabbed my hand to pull me back up thankfully.

    It haunted me all day today so 24 hours later I am glad I found this. Here is a gift to you (a song) for your gifts that you have given to everyone via your site:





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