Watercolour and pressed flowers page ©Louisegale.com #NatureTrailSketchbook

This is my favourite sketchbook page so far. We are about to embark on adding more mixed media into our Nature Trail Sketchbooks so I wanted to show you the wonder of pressed flowers and also my re-ignited love of watercolour paint.

I shared the page below on my facebook album a while back as I had loved the creation process of using some bougainvillea to inspire this page, full of beautiful pinks and greens.


Then over the weekend I have been opening up my beautiful stash of pressed flowers to use in my sketchbook. I thought these would make a beautiful addition to this page.

These petals are so precious. I delicately popped them into envelopes to keep them safe and took pleasure in creating a new page in my Nature Trail Sketchbook.

Pressed flowers ©Louisegale.com #NatureTrailSketchbook

 So below is a little video I made showing the creation of the watercolour page. I hope you enjoy.

Class is still open to new registrations, so if you would like to spend 30 days (and more) exploring nature, please register here and I’ll send you the class access details within a few hours. (depending on time differences)
  • 30 days of lessons
  • 30 + videos
  • Work through at your own pace
  • Private Facebook group community



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Nature Trail Sketchbook Collections ©Louisegale.com

I have been spending time this week again, collecting for the #NatureTrailSketchbook class and thought I would share this collection I placed together. Some lovely diverse shapes and I also realised everything is either white, cream or brown.

Such a soothing natural palette to work with.

Nature Trail Sketchbook Collections ©Louisegale.com #NatureTrailSketchbook

I really do love how, when I take time to walk, observe and collect, how diverse the natural found objects can be.

I use this particular collection to sketch out a few patterns I see in the objects and in class, we will be creating our own rubber stamps this week based on our lovely findings.

Nature Trail Sketchbook Collections ©Louisegale.com #NatureTrailSketchbook


Nature Trail Sketchbook Collections ©Louisegale.com #NatureTrailSketchbook Nature Trail Sketchbook Collections ©Louisegale.com #NatureTrailSketchbook

Would you like to join me to explore nature through your sketchbook?

Registration is still open and plenty of time to catch up over the summer

naturetrailsketchbookA nature trail is a short walk in nature, no matter where we live in the world and throughout the class I will inspire you with discoveries from my own nature trails along the quaint alleyways and beaches in Spain and the wild woodlands in the UK.

Wherever our nature trails take us – the beach, the woods, countryside or urban areas, we will create little collections to observe, sketch and inspire as we create our mixed media journal pages.

  • 30 Days
  • 30 Lessons
  • 30+ videos

More information and registration here

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chiringuitolifemonthHi everyone and welcome to this months creative challenge! This month, is all about Chiringuito Life!

Summer is in full swing here on the Costa del Sol and we have many Chiringuito’s which are full of colour, cocktails, beach umbrellas and fun! A Chiringuito is a bar/restaurant on the beach – some are just huts with beers, others are full-blown restaurants. So much fun!

Our Creative Costa images above were taken at the local Chiringuito where I live.

JOURNAL PROMPTS: Before you start creating, take some time to think about walking along the beach and coming across a fun, colourful bar. Full of lovely music, glasses, chatter, colourful decorations and lots more. Imagine yourself taking a rest and enjoying all that this Chiringuito can offer.

What are the initial thoughts that come to mind when you think of this?


This challenge is to create something with the theme of a chiringuito / beach bar. Let’s play with the look and feel of this place during summertime.

I believe that when we create in the form of play, beautiful things will happen. We let go of the expectations of what the final result will look like and loose ourselves in a blissful creative zone. This is my wish for us this month. To lose ourselves in the joy of creating, just because it is fun! Because we are ‘just playing’ anything goes!

THE CHALLENGE: Create something inspired by a Chiringuito

Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Gather photos of a beach bar near you if there is one and share with the group or collect images on pinterest for your own inspiration.
• When you think of a beach bar/chiringuito, what are the words, feelings and colours that speak to you? Cut these out of magazines or write them out and glue onto your image or just collage them onto a blank piece of paper. Perhaps pick out certain things that you associate with this.
• With your pencils or paints, create an abstract interpretation of what Chiringuito life might mean to you.
• Choose a particular element to create – such as the beach umbrella, a cocktail, the look and feel of a beach bar. Let your imagination spark your creativity

Print off a pdf of the challenge here: CCChallenge_chiringuitolife

I am excited to see your creations!


Over the month, I will be sharing my own progress with the group using different materials, so I hope these inspire you to explore further and give you some ideas. All images will be posted into the facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/creativecostainspired/

chiringuitopinterestI Also set up a Pinterest board with a collection of hibiscus inspired creations, so if you are craving more image inspiration, here is a lovely eye candy start!

Click here for the Pinterest board

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June 2014 Creative Challenge Gallery {Hibiscus}

June 30, 2014

This month, we have been exploring hibiscus in our new Creative Costa inspired facebook group (if you have not yet joined, come over and play!). Here is the info on the challenge for June if you missed it. So many different materials and techniques used from fabric, digital art, watercolour, bookmaking, kitting, photography and so […]

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A Video and Sketchbook Sneak Peek {hibiscus}

June 28, 2014

I’ve been having a wonderful time creating more pages in my #NatureTrailSketchbook from class. We are just on day 8 and already I have close to three sketchbooks on the go! Today I thought I would create one more piece for the Monthly Challenge and I recorded a short video below of me creating this […]

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New Watercolour paintings and products AND Free Worldwide Shipping – TODAY ONLY

June 19, 2014

I am in love with my new watercolour paintings! I spent some lovely time on the balcony this past weekend painting away with my watercolours and creating some more lessons for my “Nature Trail Sketchbook” class (which starts on Saturday). When I shared the new paintings on my facebook page, a lovely lady asked me […]

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