Hi everyone and welcome to this months creative challenge! This month, is all about Patterned tiles

So many beautiful colors and patterns in the tiles in Spain. On stairs, walls and floors.


Before you start creating, take some time to think about patterns that you have seen on tiles before. What colors come to mind, what patterns have you seen. What are the initial thoughts that come to mind when you think of this?


I believe that when we create in the form of play, beautiful things will happen. We let go of the expectations of what the final result will look like and loose ourselves in a blissful creative zone. This is my wish for us this month. To lose ourselves in the joy of creating, just because it is fun! Because we are ‘just playing’ anything goes!

THE CHALLENGE: Create a pattern or piece of artwork inspired by Spanish tiles

Here are some ideas to get you started:

• Gather photos of decorative tiles and share with the group or create your own pinterest board/mood board.
• When you think of patterned tiles, what are the words, feelings and colours that speak to you? Cut these out of magazines or write them out and glue onto your image or just collage them onto a blank piece of paper. Perhaps pick out certain things that you associate with this.
• With your pencils or paints, create pattern or painting inspired by the shapes, colors and patterns
• Try out different shapes together to create your own unique pattern. Let your imagination spark your creativity

Print off a pdf of the challenge here: CCChallenge_patternedtiles

I am excited to see your creations!


Over the month, I will be sharing my own progress with the group using different materials, so I hope these inspire you to explore further and give you some ideas. All images will be posted into the facebook group here:

pinteresttilesI Also set up a Pinterest board with a collection of hibiscus inspired creations, so if you are craving more image inspiration, here is a lovely eye candy start!

Click here for the Pinterest board

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This month, I set the challenge of “Chiringuito Life” which certainly was a challenge! Maybe a little too much as just four of us joined in. I found it hard and the month just vanished on me too! :-) Here is the info on the challenge for July if you missed it.


Sea view by Christine Aseka


Dancing flowers using the color palette by Fiona Fieldhouse

Hanni Melnicenko

Taken at Chambao, Sotogrande on Hanni Melnicenko’s iphone

Kerry Mitchell‎by Kerry Mitchell


Sketch of beach lanterns by Louise Gale

Would you like to join us next month for our next Creative Challenge? Come join the facebook group here. Next challenge will be posted on August 1st.

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Desha peacock book

I am so excited to be featured in this fabulous book written by Desha Peacock from Sweet Spot Style.

I have not met Desha in person, however we have had some lovely email and facebook exchanges regarding lifestyle and color, so when she invited me to write the color section in her book, I jumped at the chance to be part of this beautiful publication.

It is full of wildly interesting and unique people, their beautiful homes and insights into their sweet spot lifestyles. It is such an interesting read. Although I have only just had a chance to dip in and out, I cannot wait to sit comfortably to read through cover to cover. There are heartfelt stories, dreamy photographs and wonderful tips on home decor inside.

You will find my color sensing/palette exploration feature on pages 155-159 – five lovely pages full of color exercises to create particular moods and feelings in your home. Here are the pages from the book.

Desha Peacock Sweet Spot Style

We look at how you can start to think about how you want to feel in your home to help inform you of colors and the mood you want to create.

Desha Peacock Sweet Spot Style ©Louise Gale

We also talk about creating harmony in your home and some of the ways you can seek inspiration for color combinations.

Desha Peacock Sweet Spot Style ©Lousie Gale

Thank you so much Desha for the beautiful credit page you included for my contribution and I am so honored to be part of this wonderful book.

Desha Peacock Sweet Spot Style

If you would like to find out more about Desha, please take a look at her fabulous website here and purchase her book via Amazon here.


More exciting news is that I have finally decided to apply to get qualified for all my color work and knowledge. So I am currently studying to become fully qualified in Color theory/Therapy. Will be sharing some lovely sneak peeks as I travel along and fill my world with color even more than I currently do!


Would you like to explore color?

Registration for my popular “Color Energy Class” is open and class starts on Monday 1 September 2014.

Creative Colour Energy WorkshopWould you like to embark on a colour adventure, play with mixed media, and learn about the 7 levels of energy?

Through audio colour meditations, videos & tutorials, we dig deeper into each colour and the associated level of energy (through the chakra system). We will explore and play through:

  • colour vision journaling/colour stories
  • mixed media,
  • painting and
  • photography

Find our more here

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