Living From The Heart

“Living from the heart – the e-course”

A five-week creative journey for you to take some well-deserved time to connect with the heart, understand the energies within us and around us that influence our lives and discover a creative heart-centered life.

* 5 weeks…

* 5 creative projects

* Daily audios/meditations

* Journal prompts to work through each of the heart energies

* and lots more……

Next class starts:

Monday October 14th, 2013


Take a moment to fast forward yourself a few months from now. Imagine how living from the heart everyday will change your life and the type of energy you will radiate. Imagine your creative soul flowing with positive energy, grounded and full of color and creativity.

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Mini projects every week, will help us connect with nature and open up our creative hearts using different mixed media techniques and materials. We will use objects that are around us and some basic tools so no huge supplies list!

Energy is all around us, our thoughts, feelings, actions and environment are vibrating at various energy levels everyday. The types of energy we radiate have profound effects on how we make decisions and live our lives. Thoughts of guilt, sadness, resentment and conflict hinder us from living our potential, whereas being grounded with our earth, feeling gratitude, kindness and self-care enables us to live a calmer, more fulfilled and heart centered life..

What does “heart centered living” mean to you?

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You can read more from our creative community in the “living from the heart” series on the blog

By understanding energies inside and around you and using creativity to explore these, we will discover a new world where we connect with the earth, art and heart.

Join life coach and artist Louise, founder of “your heART makes a difference” to learn and explore the heart energies, connecting to our universe and discovering a new way of seeing the world and our energy within it.

We will be exploring the very energies that we write about on the website and take you on a journey to raise your own vibration and consciousness to a higher level of pure joy.


Louise will create a space to be present, inspired, connected and creative.

“As a workshop host, I believe in interacting with every single person in my class, commenting on every piece of work you share and answering any questions personally.”

“So to ensure this is a wonderful experience for all who take part, I made the decision to limit each class to only 50 participants.”

“This means a beautiful bond is created between all of us as we work through this heart energy journey.”.

Over the five weeks, we will………


What’s included in the class?

A private online classroom with only 50 particpants
Video tutorials on the weekly creative projects (this includes demonstrations and inspirational footage)

Meditations and audio on each of the heart energies

Inspiring posts, creative exercises and mini missions to explore the different heart energies

Pages and pages of free downloadable artwork, journal pages, backgrounds and affirmations you can use in your own journal and on your creative projects.

Downloadable worksheets on each of the heart energies to help you make a difference to your everyday.

Instruction and support from Louise.

Below is a free meditation from Louise, so you can get an idea of the type of audios and meditations you will receive as part of this program.

Suggested supplies

Journal or sketchbook, colored pencils, crayons or watercolor paints, magazines to cut out of, color printer, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, water jar, cardboard (you can use an old mailing box, cereal box etc), watercolor paper (200gsm +), plaster roll/gauze (similar to this), any scraps of paper, collage paper, 10lb thread (like this) and embroidery needle (that the thread will go through).

Join us. Your heART does make a difference.



Each week has been carefully crafted to introduce you to each of the heart energies. We have broken this all down to be an enjoyable, informative and creative class, that is going to make a huge difference to your own lives and those around you.

YOU can make a difference

HeART energies and our connection to earth

In our first week together we enjoy exploring how energies effect us, our heart, and the world around us. Heart and earth are connected as one and this week we will start with looking at the heart energies, the 7 levels of energy related to our thoughts, feelings and actions} and connecting more deeply with our natural world.

At the end of week one: You will know how our energies are directly linked to earth energies and how our thoughts, feelings and actions effect everything around us. How every little thing we do makes a difference.

Letting go and opening the heart to gratitude

The highest vibration of heart energy we can feel is the energy of gratitude. This is the key energy that helps everything else flow freely. Forgiveness and gratitude helps us let go of past negative energy, one of the greatest barriers to living from the heart.

At the end of week two: We will enjoy the feeling of how light life can be. You will be ready to live in the moment everyday, focusing more on the present and how this directly affects your energy levels.

Self love and self-care for the soul

We all too often spend time taking care of others, caring about what others think, looking outside of ourselves to find fulfillment. This week will be all about YOU. How can anything or anyone else be cared for, if you don’t take care of yourself first.

At the end of week three: You will understand the core feelings of self-care and how small things can make a huge difference to you and your energy levels.

Kindness & the art of giving

We learn about the cycle of abundance energy which connects us to the the topics in week 3, 4 & 5. The exchange of these energies create a beautiful cycle. This week we will allow it to flow by combining all that we learned in the past few weeks and sharing that positive energy with others.

By the end of week four: You will see the cycle of abundance in your own life and be excited to share everything you are creating in your own life with others.

Living from the heart with intention

In our last week together, we will review all the heart energies and create a ‘heart’ map of how we can continue to live from the heart in our every day lives.

By the end of week five: You will have your own ‘heart map’ of how living from the heart can touch every part of your own life and those around you. your heART does make a difference and you will leave this e-course with a pocket full of positive energy, light and love to raise your own energy and make a difference to the world around you. Everyday.

This is going to be a journey that will make a difference.


Next class starts: Monday October 14th, 2013


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