I’m just popping in to see if you would be interested in entering this giveaway that I am contributing an art class for.

There are over 100 arty products worth over $5000 from more than 85 artists!

From time to time, I get invited to participate in online retreats, summits and arty collaborations! I usually say yes as its a lovely way to meet new artists and share my love for Nature, Color and Mandalas! It also means I can share so much more inspiration with you too!

So when John Bardos, founder of Art Bundles for Good got in touch to invite me to participate in this HUGE offering for my artist community that also supports a good cause, I jumped at the chance!

Art Bundles for Good is an initiative that gathers art teachers from around the world, to create a bundle of courses and art resources for a low price. Then 25% of the profits go to charity.

This is the sixth time that an arty bundle has been created and I have always joined as a paying participant as you get to experience SO MANY other artists and techniques at such a low price.

I am thrilled to be one of the artists making a contribution this year! The entire bundle will cost $97, which is AMAZING! (I am offering one of my Mandala classes which is worth $57) so you can imagine what value everyone gets!

The bundle will not be available to purchase until November 4th, but to get things started, there is a giveaway HERE with Three Grand Prizes!

The Art Bundles for Good Giveaway closes on Wednesday, November 3 @11.59pm (New York Time)

As there are over 85 artists taking part, I am sure you will be receiving a few emails about this over the next ten days! (I will only send one more dedicated email on this when the bundle goes on sale, so feel free to ignore it if you are not interested!)

Thanks so much and have a great day!

Louise xx