Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

This practice began as a way to celebrate the small wonders (from this class) that I took time to notice in my week or over the period of a month. It’s a wonderful way to begin a gratitude practice if that is something you may feel is calling you too! So please do comment with your ‘Small Wonders’ too!

There are many things that have been making me smile in my little postage stamp sized apartment & art studio. Here are just five!

Watercolor Moon painting for the Full Moon last week!
Yummy New Watercolors arrived!
Beautiful haze across the sea. View from my art studio
Living from the Heart – Art Journal Page from my Spring Clean Your Life (and Home) class.
Celebrating the Autumn Equinox by spending time in nature and revisiting some pretty Nature Mandalas I made!

What has been making you smile recently? Leave a comment below as I would LOVE to know! It’s such a wonderful way to recognize the Small Wonders in our Life!

Lots of love Louise xx