Quiet Contemplation on ‘My’ Beach. 🙂

Hi Creative Friend! Happy September! Hope all is well with you.

I’ve been taking more time for my gratitude journal on the beach these last few weeks and I remembered one of the practices I used to share on my original blog when I first started my Creative Journey back in 2010! Yes! Many Moons ago it seems. 

Things. That. Make. Me Smile.

It began as a way to celebrate the small wonders (from this class) that I took time to notice in my week or over the period of a month. It’s a wonderful way to begin a gratitude practice if that is something you may feel is calling you too!

The summer always seems to be a time to sit back, relax and get those creative juices and ideas flowing again. With this reflection time as we move into September, I am finding so many things that are inspiring me and making me smile that I decided to bring back “5 Things That Make Me Smile”.

It’s been several years since I posted these “smile” posts on my blog (time flies far too quickly). Of course there have been plenty of things making me smile, but the truth is……I missed publishing these weekly smiles into one place that I could look back on at the end of the year. (and I lost so many when my blog moved) 

So…. it.is.back.
Blank Canvases ready for Mixed Media Botanical Mandala Painting (this is for my upcoming class here)
Being gifted the most beautiful bunch of flowers! My favorites Pink Star Gazer lilies and Pink Roses!
Moody Sky and Tranquil Sea View from the Art Studio – I love how it changes every day!
Painting more little Watercolor Abstract Moon Mandalas!
And…. Feeling Wild AND Free at the Beach in Tarifa, Spain!

What has been making you smile recently? Leave a comment below as I would LOVE to know! It’s such a wonderful way to recognize the Small Wonders in our Life!

Lots of love Louise xx