Hello Creative Friend, how are you?

It looks like I’ll be in Costa Rica for at least another month! Hope all is well where you are in the world.

We just welcomed in another New Moon on Friday and for this holiday weekend, I felt a pull to create a Mantra Mandala for myself! I create Visionboards at the beginning of each year as part of my Big Dreams, Small Wonders process and my Mantra Mandala class and a few years ago, I used to create New/Full Moon Mandalas each month to continue to invite new possibilities in!

Here I am with my new Mantra Mandala

Using the phases of the moon to create a Mantra Mandala to help you focus on positive affirmations or to invite something new in is a wonderful way to get creative and at the same time, reflect and set an intention for the future! Each Mantra Mandala is full of meaning and completely unique to you…. and they are wonderful to hand up in your home to look at everyday to remind you!

I had one magazine with me in my suitcase that I had been traveling with so decided to go through and cut out inspiring images and positive words and statements to add to my board. 

I wanted to create a mantra mandala that gave me a sense of calm, positivity, connectedness and good vibes!

Below is a closer look at the images and words.

I also posted a short video on my Facebook page here showing you my new Mantra Mandala and I love that this Mantra Mandala now sits on my Balcony Art Studio so I can admire it and contemplate every day. 

Hi everyone! Following the new moon last Friday, I felt a pull to create a New Moon Mandala also known as a Dreamboard at the weekend. Here is a little peek! This is a wonderful way to get creative with paper and glue to gather inspirational images and positive words to set intentions or focus on what you might want to invite into your life. This can be physical things or a desired approach to life.I cover this and many more 'intention projects' in two of my classes – Big Dreams, Small Wonders and Mantra Mandalas. So if you would like to collage, paint and create your own beautiful visionboards and mandalas, I am offering my Mantra Mandala class for only $35. If you'd like to dive deeper into dreams, goals and more, my Big Dreams class is only $79!- See more of my New Moon Mandala here: https://bit.ly/2X1KFDP- Learn more about my Mantra Mandala Class and other Dreama Life classes here: https://bit.ly/2ZBzIdXHave a wonderful day!xx

Posted by Louise Gale Art and Design on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Would you like to create your own Mantra Mandalas and invite new possibilities in for the future? I am offering my Mantra Mandala class for only $35. If you’d like to dive deeper into dreams, goals and more, my Big Dreams class is only $79! Offers valid until 31st May.

P.S. If you would like to find out more about moon phases and dates, click here for info on my website.

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