Hi everyone! I am currently in Costa Rica riding this wave we are all journeying on at the moment. I hope you are doing well and have some sparks of creativity during this time if you are confined to your home more than usual! I am sending lots of love out to you all on a daily basis. 

All is well here where I am in Costa Rica and I am blessed to be able to get outside into nature, eat fresh food, feel the sun on my skin and lots more! I do not know how long I will be here for, so I am taking each day as it comes… and creativity is calling me!

So I decided I would join the wonderful #100dayproject event again this year! You can have a look at all the people taking part at the hastag #100DayProject2020 It is a huge commitment, but I feel so strongly right now that connecting to nature and being creative are ways for us to get through this time (amongst other basic things of course!). 

So….. starting April 7th, I will start with 100 Days of Nature Inspired Creativity.  I am posting all my 100 Days images and videos on my facebook page here and also on Instagram here so if you would like to follow along, check in every do often or join me when you feel inspired, I would LOVE to connect with you! I’ll be using #100daysofnatureinspiredcreativity as my hashtag!

Tips for joining in the 100 Day Project!

This is my fifth go at the 100 Days Project! I wrote up some tips and recorded a short video HERE. I hope this gives you some great tips and info for embarking on your own project! You can also see my other 100 Day Projects here.

10 tips from the 100 days of botanical motifs with Louise Gale

Nature Connection

I believe that nature heals us and helps us reconnect to ourselves and the world around us. Something that is so needed right now on the planet. Being in nature, breathing those quiet moments in, also helps us to slow down and invite in a sense of calm, something many of us long for as we busy ourselves or feel overwhelmed with everything going on currently.

So, no matter where you are in the world, if you can get outside…..take a walk in nature, whether that be your local park, backyard, countryside or beach! Look up and look down, take in the scenery and see if you can find your own sanctuary in nature, even if it is for a few brief moments. I guarantee you will feel revitalised, refreshed and go about your day with a greater sense of calm.

I have included a free chapter from my Botanical Mandalas book. The free chapter below includes my own connecting with nature story, why I believe it is so important and the benefits of spending time outside. These experiences are what started me on my journey with Botanical Mandala Creating!


I hope this pdf inspires you to get outside and find your own sanctuary in the natural world, look around and find inspiration to create! If you are interested to find out more and purchase my book for yourself or a gift, here is a short video… and you can find out more here.

I hope you love this book as much as I loved creating it.